Joe Louis Arena Seats

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Where are the best places to sit at Joe Louis Arena?

Joe Louis Arena Seats

You've heard Detroit is a jungle. Despite urban renewal efforts, it is--just try driving on the Lodge Freeway. Yet you can't miss a trip to Joe Louis Arena to see the Detroit Red Wings. buy your NHL hockey tickets for the Red Wings and avoid the Lodge Freeway, which can take forever on a good day. What other Joe Louis Arena tips can we give you from Motown? When buying Red Wings ice hockey tickets:

  • Expect octopuses. It's a tradition.
  • Be prepared to bargain for your soul with that hockey ticket broker. Red Wings hockey tickets are as rare as white people were on the Motown Label. It's better than bargaining with scalpers in downtown Detroit.
  • Don't buy the cheapest seats in the house--around $30--that are obstructed by ads.
  • Don't gripe about "the man." The man has lifted the corporate seats up higher, so a peon can buy a National League Hockey ticket for a seat closer to the ice.

Did we mention not to drive the Lodge? Have a great time and don't forget the octopuses.



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