Tickets Frequently Asked Questions

Where's the best place to sit to watch the Rockettes?

Should I sit behind Home Plate at Yankee Stadium or Wrigley Field?

Do I have a good chance of getting good seats at MSG during the day?

Where in the ballparks will I get the most sunburn?

What's the best venue to see Alicia Keys?

What are good seats for a Knicks game?

Is a bigger venue necessarily better to see George Carlin?

Can I get dizzy from the heights at Yankee Stadium?

How do I sell tickets through a ticket broker?

Should I buy tickets through eBay or through a ticket broker?

Should I pay face value for tickets through a ticket broker?

What does a ticket broker do for me?

Do ticket brokers take refunds and exchanges?

Will a ticket broker refund my money if the event is cancelled?

Will a ticket broker hold my tickets if I'm uncertain of my plans?

How can I tell if a ticket broker is honest?

Should I buy or sell my tickets through a ticket broker auction?

What's the difference between Ticketmaster and a ticket broker?

Should I go through a ticket broker now to buy Nextel Cup tickets?

How far in advance do I have to buy Nextel Cup tickets?

What are the best seats at Talladega?

Why are Golden Corral 500 tickets so expensive?

Are pre-pit passes worth buying and can I buy them with my ticket?

How do I get the best Craftsman Truck tickets?

Should I buy my 2006 US Open golf tickets now?

Why can't I find LPGA tickets through my ticket broker?

Are PGA ticket lines exasperating and should I just book online?

Will I miss much if I buy cheaper grounds tickets?

Is weather insurance available with US Open golf tickets?

What are the best Senior PGA Tour tickets?

Is there reserved seating at the US Open?

Should I buy hospitality tickets for the US Open?

How do I reward loyal employees with tickets?

How do I create distinctive client ticket packages?

Can a non-profit organization take advantage of corporate incentives?

How do I work with a ticket broker to get my clients discounts?

Can I write off tickets bought for a corporate incentive program?

How do corporate gift cards redeemable for tickets work?

How can my employees get help choosing tickets?

Can a broker help me decide what corporate gifts are right?

Can my trade association benefit from corporate gift programs?

Can I find sold out concert tickets through a broker?

Can I buy Tony Bennett tickets online?

Should I just show up at the box office if tickets are sold out?

How do I find the best deal for concert tickets online?

What do I need to know about buying international concert tickets?

What if I buy concert tickets and try to purchase more?

Do online ticket brokers mean I can't get good seats?

What acts are more likely to sell out and should I buy in advance?

When do I need to buy tickets for the Triple Crown?

Should I buy World Series tickets now?

How do I win premium sporting event tickets?

What are good World Series seats?

How do I plan my sporting events calendar?

Which teams should I buy tickets to pre-World Series?

What are some early Super Bowl 2006 predictions for my calendar?

Should I buy Red Sox tickets in anticipation of the World Series?

Where's the best place to watch The Lion King on Broadway?

Can I still catch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang tickets on Broadway?

I want to see an off-Broadway show, will I get good seats?

Are off-Broadway seats cheap?

Do I have to pay outrageous prices for Broadway shows?

What New York off-Broadway shows are right for kids?

How do I choose gift Broadway tickets?

What are some good off-Broadway play ticket recommendations?

Do your recommend The Odd Couple or The Producers?

Can I still buy tickets for Jewtopia?

What seats should I buy if I want to take hockey pictures?

I can't get major-league hockey tickets, what about minor leagues?

What are some good seats for Colorado Avalanche games?

Is the General Motors Place stadium in Michigan?

Where are the best places to sit at Joe Louis Arena?

How do I work with a hockey ticket broker?

How will hurricane damage affect availability of hockey tickets?

Are there any dangerous hockey seats I should avoid?

What are some tips for getting good ACC tickets?

Can I buy ACC tickets, I thought the conference doesn't sell them?

Can I buy women's ACC basketball tickets?

What are some hints about ticket buying from ACC fans?

Should I listen to what NBA fans say?

Will I have difficulty getting WNBA seats?

Should I buy Philadelphia 76ers tickets?

How do I get tickets if my favorite player is retiring?

I've never been to Penn State, can you give me seating tips?

How much should I pay for college football tickets?

How do I get the most out of my college football tickets?

Are cheap college football seats good seats?

Can I buy NFL ticket packages?

What are the NFL's hottest seats?

How do I trust football fans' ticket offerings?

What are some NFL seats to avoid?

How much can I expect to pay for baseball season tickets?

Should I buy MLB tickets or college baseball season tickets?

Is it worth getting season tickets for community college baseball?

Can I look at views from MLB stadium seats before I buy?

How far in advance do I need to buy MLB Opening Day tickets?

Can I get refunds for any baseball season tickets?

Do baseball season tickets include pre-season and post-season games?

How do I get a good price on playoffs tickets?

What are the notations I see underneath ticket listings?

Why do ticket brokers post specific numbers of tickets available?

When buying tickets or season tickets on eBay what are some things one should look out for to make sure the tickets are genuine?

How do I know my probowl tickets are real, They are ticketmaster tickets and I bought them from a want add in the newspaper?

What is a ticket scalper?

How do ticket scalping laws vary from state to state?

What are my restrictions when buying or selling tickets on eBay?

What will it cost me to buy sold out tickets?

What does face value mean?

What are the rules I must follow when I buy a Masters badge?

How can I get Masters practice round tickets?

When and where are future U.S. Open golf tournaments?

How can I get tickets to the U.S. Open?

How can I get Ryder Cup tickets?

How much does it cost to see a PGA Golf Championship?

How do I choose an online ticket broker?

How can I get event tickets before they sell out?

How can I be up on Madison Square Garden shows and discounts?

Can I see where my tickets are inside a venue?

How can I get the best seats to a hot show?

Where can I find concert tickets?

How can I find out when my favorite artist is playing near me?

Can I print my tickets to an event at home?

How do I know if I'm paying too much for a top tour?

How can I ensure my purchase on is safe?

What is a ticket broker?

How can I stay safe buying tickets in the second hand market?

If I attend an event with a ticket I bought from broker and I'm unhappy was it the broker's fault?

What are some Los Angeles Ticket Brokers I can do business with?

What's a great ticket broker to use for baseball spring training tickets?

How do I become a ticket broker?

What are the most popular Web sites for secondary ticket buying/selling?

What are some Chicago ticket brokers I can do business with?

How can I guard against identity theft when buying tickets online?

What should I know about selling my tickets in an online ticket auction?

What options are available to purchase tickets to Busch Gardens?

How can I save money when I buy Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure tickets?

What can I expect when I buy 2007 Six Flag tickets?

Are discount tickets to attractions available in most cities?

What kind of deals will I find by booking Disneyland tickets online?

What can I book in the way of Disney world packages for my family?

What is the best way to find tickets to amusement parks in the U.S.A.?

Can I get a discount on Disney World tickets?

What else can I do in California besides go to Disneyland?

Are there discount tickets available for theme parks?

Where can I get discount movie tickets?

How can I buy movie tickets for cheap?

What is the benefit of buying Fandango movie tickets?

What is IMAX?

How can I earn free movie tickets at Regal Theaters?

Where can I go online to buy movie tickets?

How can I find out about senior citizen discounts at the movies?

Is there any baby friendly movie theaters?

Can my company receive discount movie tickets?

How can a parent monitor a child's movie watching?

Where can I buy Nascar tickets?

Are tickets available for Nascar online?

Where can I find tickets to Phoenix NASCAR races?

How can I get tickets to the races in Dover?

Are there special rates for kids at Talladega Nascar races?

What should I know before attending the Daytona 500?

How much will Los Angeles Lakers tickets cost?

How can I find out if an NCAA basketball March Madness game is sold out?

How can I get NCAA Final Four tickets?

What will NBA season tickets do for me?

What are the cheapest NBA tickets I can get?

What is the NBA All-Star Jam Session?

What does it cost to see a Villanova basketball game?

Can I get a group rate to see the Ohio State Buckeyes basketball game?

How much will it cost to see the Fighting Illini play?

What will I spend for Duke basketball tickets I buy through a ticket broker?

How do I enter the NFL Super Bowl ticket lottery?

How much will it cost me to attend an NFL game?

Can I get cheap football tickets to see the New England Patriots?

What will it cost me to see the national champions, the Gators, play in Florida?

How do colleges and Universities feel about their tickets being sold second hand?

What is will call?

Will I have to buy a ticket for my small child if I'm attending a Michigan football game?

How can I get into a sold out Crimson Tide game?

What will it cost me to see the Red-White Spring Football Game?

What does it cost to attend an NHL game?

How much will it cost me to attend a Detroit Red Wings hockey game this season?

Where can I find cheap NHL tickets?

Where can I buy tickets from a fan for a good price in a safe environment?

How can I get cheap hockey tickets?

Is it affordable to go to a spring training game?

What can I expect to pay and how many tickets am I limited to when I buy at Wrigley Field?

How much will Fenway Park tickets cost me?

How can I get World Series tickets?

What group deals can I get at Wrigley Field?

How much will it cost to attend a Yankee game this season?

Where can I sell my baseball tickets?

How much are regular seats to an Angels baseball game?

How can I get a bargain at a Baltimore baseball game?

What are my options for baseball season tickets?

How much does it cost to see The Lion King on Broadway?

What can I do to get into a sold out show of The Lion King?

How can I get Blue Man Group tickets?

How can I get cheap or half price theater tickets?

How can I get cheap Spamalot tickets on Broadway?

Are there ticket brokers that specialize in an area?

How can I get in to see Wicked at a discounted price?

Recent Tickets Questions

Q. I was wondering, considering the California laws on scalping, could I sell a ticket to a California event on ebay while I live in Chicago, buy the ticket in Chicago, and sell it from my house in Chicago etc....
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Q. Daughter bought 2 concert tickets over ebay, went to concert--tickets were fake. Got 2 other tickets to get in, went to seats in front for "fake tickets", people said their tickets were stolen from porch and VERY SURPRISED to see them inside with the "FAKE TICKETS". What kind of recourse is there--customer services would do nothing and people got away.
Paid over $200 for "FAKE TICKETS". This was in Miami for Kenny Chesney last night--05/07/2005.
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Q. I brought Pistons home tickets online. How do I know they are authentic?
A. Click for the Answer

Q. Hi,

I was wondering if you could tell me what this years Super Bowl ticket looks like. Is it uite different from the past several years where they each had large plastic holograms on the front? I bought 5 from a reputable dealer and they are very different looking. They look authentic, but the front of the ticket nly has a small shiny looking emblem of the trophy on it. Does this sound right to you?

Thank you,
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Q. How do I buy Super Bowl tickets from the box office?

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Q. does anybody know of any casinos selling nfr tickets .
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Q. hello, My name is Rich Stoner from Mays landing, NJ. I am considering purchasing superbowl tickets for this years game in Jacksonville from your company. Knowing the NFL probably hasn`t printed the tickets yet, is it standard practice to send the tickets the week of the game. Can they be shipped from your company to the address I will be at in Jacksonville? And I suppose they are guranteed.
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Q. Hi,
My name is Prescott Bailey, I bought some tickets to the Orange Bowl online through an individual, and he says he has the tickets in hand ready to ship as soon as the payment goes through, but I thought they didnt print any tickets until December, is there any way that he could have gotten actual tickets in hand to the game already, or is it a scam? Thanks for your help.
Prescott Bailey

I would be vary wary about sending them any money. Orange Bowl tickets will not be released until early December. We have been doing this for 15 years and have never heard of anyone having tickets in hand this early.

Be wary of buying tickets on Ebay. There are a lot of fraudulent ticket scams right now, and nobody can police it. People are getting ripped off every day. I would suggest you buy tickets from a reputable broker with a solid BBB record.

Check out our site. I am sure you will find us to have the lowest prices around with tickets that are 100% guaranteed

Kris Farmer
Director of Ecommerce

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