Senior PGA Tour deals

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What are the best Senior PGA Tour tickets?

Senior PGA Tour deals

You can use aging makeup, but if you can't remember who Jack Nicklaus is or recall Chi Chi Rodriguez, forget about that senior discount. In fact, given that the musical act in July 2005 was the Goo Goo Dolls, you may want to buy a golf ticket, senior discount or not.

What are the best deals on senior PGA Tour tickets? The advance fee for a Grounds Pass was $85. The challenging TPC course at Dearborn, Michigan, gave Peter Jacobsen more anxious moments than you trying to get the early bird discount (you're young and struggling). That's a bargain deal on championship golf tickets. But what about the 2006 championship? Ticket brokers aren't even selling those in the fall of 2005. You can buy them directly from Oak Tree Golf Club--grounds passes and Trophy Club golf tickets are just $100 apart, which you may not be able to buy when you're young and hungry.

Grab a grandparent or parent. Offer to mow the lawn for the rest of your life. Fix the computer--on second thought, your grandpa is a maestro. How do you get great Senior PGA Tour tickets? Respect your elders.



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