Sold Out? Not Out of Luck

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Can I find sold out concert tickets through a broker?

Sold Out? Not Out of Luck

Your teens want to see Hilary Duff, but she's sold out. Not surprising. This Disney Channel favorite (who takes time out to appreciate US troops) is wholesome compared to midriff-baring bubblegum queens. How do you find concert tickets for a sold-out show?

If you can't find Hilary Duff concert tickets online in the States, try a broker with Canadian tickets. In 2006, Ms. Duff tours Quebec and British Columbia. If you live in Seattle, it's worth the trip north--take the train and make a family vacation out of it. Older kids may camp outside the stadium in the States hoping to buy from a ticket scalper rather than be seen with you, but one time stuck behind a pole will make teens appreciate family bonding.

Many ticket brokers will allow you to buy concert tickets for SRO performances at the last minute, so work with an online broker if you can't make the trip to Canada. After all, wholesome entertainment for your kids that you can enjoy is worth the expense.



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