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How do I find the best deal for concert tickets online?

Best Online Deals

  • Can you trust that eBay bargain on Black Crowes concert tickets?
  • Should you buy concert tickets for U2 online through Ticketmaster?

Madison Square Garden sells concert tickets online through Ticketmaster. It must be remembered that Ticketmaster helps you buy concert tickets at face value.

Suppose, however, that the best deal for you isn't the cheapest? What if you want those AA seats? The answer, my friend, is courtesy of Priceline: Shop and compare concert tickets online--not necessarily through eBay. If you do shop eBay, compare several different Black Crowes seat offerings. Make sure to research the theater or stadium. You don't want to be in the top bleachers while actual black crows perch on you.

Alternative acts like the Black Crowes demand closer seats. For a screaming wailing heavy metal concert, you need those Madison Square Garden third mezzanine concert tickets. You say you bought them on eBay? Trust your instincts--but trust and verify.



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