Buying More Tickets After The Concert is Sold Out

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What if I buy concert tickets and try to purchase more?

Buying More Tickets After The Concert is Sold Out

Everyone has that one friend who always insisted on bringing more friends. You buy U2 or Motown concert tickets online, but your friend shows up on concert night with five more friends, including her main squeeze. What do you do? Simple--you'll just buy more tickets. But when you get to the box office, you hear dooming words: "Sold out concert tickets. Sorry."

Before you consider hitting your friend with an electric guitar, place a call to your ticket broker. Your ticket broker just may be able to help you find concert tickets at the last minute. It probably won't work once you're at the concert. Fortunately, your package includes five standing room only concert tickets you forgot to take advantage of.

Your friend is saved from becoming one of those bizarre rock concert legends. But next time, casually ask her who she's planning to bring. Not all ticket brokers are understanding--perhaps because they have friends, too, who ask them for "just one more ticket for my old college roommate."



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