It's an Online Ticket Jungle

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Do online ticket brokers mean I can't get good seats?

It's an Online Ticket Jungle

Priceline and Travelocity cut into the travel agency business, making finding flights both easier and more difficult. Similarly, if you're looking for Rolling Stones concert tickets five minutes after they go on sale, your chances may be as faint as Keith Richards' pulse. Online concert tickets have made the competition to buy tickets fiercer. While so many opportunities, from eBay to online brokers to Ticketmaster, mean more choices, you also face more risk.

Finding good seats for top-dollar sold out concert tickets is harder than reviving Michael Jackson's career. Does this mean you can't find tickets for the hottest acts? Not necessarily. Online auctions and tickets sold on consignment can help you find the seats you want.

Visit a number of different brokers, and settle if you must for seats in, say, the mezzanine as long as you don't have an obstructed view. You can bid on eBay tickets, but if you win the auction and an online ticket broker suddenly has prime sold out concert tickets for sale, you'll face a challenging choice--actually, it's the best possible dilemma you could have. If the tickets are that hot, though, chances are you'll get outbid and be back to square one--but the broker just came calling! Online concert tickets may pump up the competition, but that means that you, the concert-goer, can flex your power and decide what tickets you want.



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