Winning Premium Sporting Event Tickets

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How do I win premium sporting event tickets?

Winning Premium Sporting Event Tickets

You're strapped for cash, which is why you're calling in to radio shows and playing the lottery when your boss isn't looking--even if that boss is you and you work from home. While winning the lottery or even $5,000 is a long shot, you can enjoy entertainment on a budget. Check the event calendar for premium sporting event tickets you'd be interested in. You may not be able to get to the Super Bowl or World Series even if you win Super Bowl tickets or World Series Tickets, but you can win local event tickets. Here are our call-in tips:

  • Don't trust Internet offers. "Free" tickets and a chance to win often just get you to purchase meaningless club memberships and join annoying mailing lists where your privacy may or may not be guarded. Don't ever give out personal information.
  • If telemarketers need to call you to offer you free event tickets, they probably have tickets that they couldn't give away to their own mothers.
  • Find out when your favorite radio station typically offers giveaways of premium sporting event tickets, and listen--everyone has Sirius or XM Satellite Radio, and depending on your office (or home office), your radio station might even be the official office station. Keep listening, but don't neglect that customer service call because you're phoning in to be the eighth caller!
  • Your local TV station also may give away event tickets. Watch the local news! You'll get more informed in the process.
  • Draw up an event calendar of your favorite team so you know when to look for contest giveaways. Now stop reading this and get back to work--you're looking over your own shoulder so you can start earning cash!



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