Good World Series Seats

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What are good World Series seats?

Good World Series Seats

Riddle: What are good World Series seats?

Answer: Anywhere but the Houston Astros section.

That was 2005. This is now.

Like scoring good Super Bowl tickets, grabbing great World Series tickets is an art. Or maybe not. If the White Sox play again in 2006, new loosened Chicago restrictions on the secondary premium sporting events tickets market mean that you'll be able to get those box seats next year at US Cellular Field. One woman, confident that the White Sox would advance to the Series, bought two tickets for $999 apiece, according to the Wall Street Journal. These tickets were backed by a 100% guarantee, as event tickets from ticket brokers usually are.

So if you're buying tickets to the "Cell," you can get good seats, especially in the upper deck, which has been lowered. The Fan Deck has tiered seating plus constant refreshment from the fountain. Plus, there's the 314-seat "Scout" area directly behind home plate. Here's another riddle: Should you book those upper deck seats now? Answer: You can't, but sign up for notifications on online event tickets broker's sites!



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