Pre-Super Bowl Events Calendar

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What are some early Super Bowl 2006 predictions for my calendar?

Pre-Super Bowl Events Calendar

The 2006 Super Bowl in Detroit is around the corner. Time to stock up on bean dip and pre-Super Bowl tickets. If you've bought your Super Bowl tickets, now is the time to buy premium sports event tickets to teams the sports booking sites predict will advance to the Super Bowl. Right now, looking forward to 11/07, the odds are that the Patriots will go to the Super Bowl.

The Patriots were victorious in 2005, so set mark these dates on your event calendar for Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts: Patriots vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers January 2006 New Year's Day -- Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins Sports bookies aren't betting on the Eagles to make the Super Bowl, or for that matter the Washington Redskins.

But gamblers have been wrong before. You may just want to follow your favorite team...and don't eat too much bean dip.



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