Red Sox Tickets Pre-World Series?

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Should I buy Red Sox tickets in anticipation of the World Series?

Red Sox Tickets Pre-World Series?

Yankees vs Red Sox.

It's a rivalry not unlike Mozart and Salieri, Caesar and Pompey, Angelina and Jennifer. If you prefer Boston Common over Central Park, and secretly wish Steinbrenner and Torre hadn't made up, you probably think the Red Sox can go to the World Series. Mark your event calendar in May and August of 2006, where the Red Sox will square off against the Yankees at Fenway Park in anticipation of the World Series.

You already have your World Series tickets, right? You want the Red Sox to knock the Sox off the Yankees, which according to some predictions, would leave the Sox to deal with the Cleveland Indians. Still, as long as Joe Torre gets creamed, you don't mind--although since Torre volunteers to help abused women and kids, you can't nurture the hate that wishes for a Waterloo. Now if only Angelina and Jennifer would hug and make up.



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