Picture Perfect Hockey Seats

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What seats should I buy if I want to take hockey pictures?

Picture Perfect Hockey Seats

Whether you're in Anaheim watching the Mighty Ducks or in Detroit watching the Red Wings, chances are you'll want a picture. What hockey tickets, especially NHL hockey tickets, will let you get a good shot? Check the arena's policies after you buy tickets from a hockey ticket broker. Your ice hockey tickets may come with restrictions on photography. That said, fans with sports tickets have taken plenty of photographs of the ice action. The problem is, they're not very good unless you have a National Hockey League ticket for the sidelines, which most of us don't.

Hockey photographs for big-league events are typically aerial shots. Local hockey tickets are your best bet for close shots. That said, you can always ask the PR director of the arena. If you're planning to post your photos on a fan Web site, the PR office may even indulge you--especially if you buy season hockey tickets. Be courteous and respectful of the players and the crew. After all, if this is the match of the century, you want proof other than your ticket stub that you were there.



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