Pepsi Center Seating

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What are some good seats for Colorado Avalanche games?

Pepsi Center Seating

A visit to Colorado wouldn't be complete without skiing and hockey. Avalanche hockey tickets, that is! But you're a Floridian. How do you know where the good NHL hockey tickets will put you in the Pepsi Center for an Avalanche home game? When buying your National Hockey League ticket for the Avalanche, say in the match up with the San Jose Sharks, you should generally avoid the upper balcony with the even-numbered 300 sections, insiders say.

We hear side court sections 104, 122, 128 and 146 are just as good as the premium seats and you can see the players bounce on the ice. If you prefer to sit on the ends of the court, you'll find some great price breaks there through a hockey ticket broker in the secondary market. Now if you could only catch the Telluride Film Festival, your visit would be complete.



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