Working With a Hockey Ticket Broker

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How do I work with a hockey ticket broker?

Working With a Hockey Ticket Broker

Easy to work with a hockey ticket broker, you think. Hockey's considered a second-tier sport, except in Canada where it's a national religion. I should be able to get dirt cheap NHL hockey tickets. Show the puck some respect. We're talking about an Olympic sport and the Stanley Cup. Then again, the Luge is an Olympic event and we've never liked it. But hockey is different. Don't name a ridiculously low price (below $30) if offered a "name your own price" for your National Hockey League ticket.

Sports tickets sellers don't have time to waste on your ignorance. That said, some ice hockey tickets are ripoffs, so research the arenas before you consult with a hockey ticket broker. Most sellers of sports tickets are honest, and will provide you with seating charts. They don't assume that you're a second-class sports fan--hockey is big business, after all. But if your broker says the Mighty Ducks, a team that plays in a warm climate, is the greatest, find yourself another broker. We're just kidding. We love the Ducks.



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