Dangerous Hockey Tickets

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Are there any dangerous hockey seats I should avoid?

Dangerous Hockey Tickets

Danger and hockey seem to go hand in hand. You've purchased a National Hockey League ticket behind the goal--will the puck fly over the goal and strike you? Or how about if your hockey tickets are for the sidelines? Would you be safe in the upper boxes? Or should you skip the game altogether and just go to the pub?

American rinks have been trying to upgrade their siding so that it's comparable with European and Japanese rinks. But still, in every sporting event where a moving projectile is in play, fans assume the risk when buying sports tickets. In our litigious society, we tend to insist that everything be common sense-proof. No one should be hit by a puck...but then, no one should get trampled by rioting fans, who can control their own behavior. No one should sue a hockey ticket broker or a hockey arena as long as a reasonable standard of care has been taken and the hockey players aren't jumping into the stands and whaling on each other.

Many hockey fans say they like to purchase NHL hockey tickets for the goal area. The thrill of a hockey fight is part of the action. The old joke goes, "I was at a fight and a hockey game broke out." Live a little.



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