ACC Tickets Out of Reach?

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What are some tips for getting good ACC tickets?

ACC Tickets Out of Reach?

Duke vs. St. John University--'nuff said. No, wait. Duke versus Wake Forest. Florida State versus Wake Forest.

Sports tickets for the ACC are in demand among regular holders of college basketball tickets. So how do you, the novice ACC fan, get good ACC basketball tickets? Sadly, ACC tournament tickets haven't been on sale to the public since 1966. Basketball tickets get distributed to the 11 schools, and fans contact Duke, Wake Forest, Temple, or Boston College directly.

If you're an alumni, a student or a benefactor, you get preference. If you're not, you may be better off waiting for Final Four NCAA basketball tickets.

But wait. Ticket brokers do sell ACC tournament tickets, bought from colleges or from fans like you. Query your ticket broker for basketball tickets to the 2006 ACC Men's Basketball Championship. In the meantime, don't forget to start following Duke--unless you're a St. John University "Redmen" or Red Storm fan.



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