Good ACC Tickets

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What are some tips for getting good ACC tickets?

Good ACC Tickets

College basketball fans who love sports tickets say that ACC basketball tickets are the most highly prized of all the NCAA basketball tickets you can buy. It's important to get in and get your basketball tickets early--just like NBA basketball tickets. Although a career in pro sports only happens for a few players, the starting forward you watch today could be the NBA sensation of tomorrow.

Insiders say one of the best places to watch ACC basketball is University Hall at the University of Virginia, where the new Cavaliers squad gears up for the annual March ACC tournament. But in 2006-2007, you'll be able to buy even better NCAA basketball tickets for the John Paul Jones Arena. While we suggest purchasing UVA University Hall seats because of the unique viewing angles that allow you consistently good views of the action, get yourself on the early list for ACC basketball tickets at the John Paul Jones Arena.

While you're there watching the game, congratulate the ACC basketball players, because the ACC also honors academic all-stars. A NBA signing bonus is great, but as Coach Ken Carter would say, education is your most prized ticket anywhere.



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