ACC Fans Talk about Tickets

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What are some hints about ticket buying from ACC fans?

ACC Fans Talk about Tickets

When you're buying NBA basketball tickets or ACC basketball tickets, you can listen to your broker or your bookie, but don't neglect the fans. They have some choice things to say about buying college basketball tickets. Some fans comments (paraphrased):

  • Clemson fans are the most loyal, even if their team may not always succeed. Don't be afraid to be stuck in the Clemson section by accident.
  • If you buy sports tickets for a basketball match played at FSU, Seminole fans will actually thank away team fans for coming.
  • UVA fans, don't forget to buy ACC basketball tickets and support your team, even for away games!
  • Fans posting on extol the virtues of University of Georgia's Sanford Stadium--the sideline chairs are actually said to be comfortable and the students have their own section. Seats have a lot of leg room too and great views of the Bulldogs. That said, it has some real "nose-bleed" seats, according to one reviewer.

Listen to feedback from the people who actually buy college basketball tickets and keep the teams playing. Your broker may be able to give you a seating chart, but the fans can tell you what it's like to sit in that seat--although some brokers are fans too and will provide their reviews and tips. Treasure those brokers as fellow fans.



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