Philadelphia 76ers Tickets

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Should I buy Philadelphia 76ers tickets?

Philadelphia 76ers Tickets

76ers fans have been cautious since these powerhouses from Philly lost out after the Eastern Conference Finals. But don't hand back that cheese steak and those sports tickets yet. Basketball fans with the inside ticket say that a new coach may take the 76ERS to the NBA Finals, so buy your NBA basketball tickets for Wachovia Center in Pennsylvania. Other reasons not to cancel your basketball tickets for other teams:

  • Don't let Latrell Sprewell's choking spree turn you off the Timberwolves--we still love Marbury. And there's draft pick Rashad McCants. Focus on the team, not the jersey.
  • Jay Leno may have made fun of the Clippers, but this underdog team actually had a better season than the Lakers, so you can buy seats at the Staples Center...assuming you can find good seats. Your ticket broker can help you.
  • Don't let NCAA basketball tickets and the Final Four college basketball tickets interfere--remember, these young guys still have to prove themselves! Can they handle the fame?
  • Let's forgive Ron Artest, who's back with the Indiana Pacers, and welcome back Jermaine O'Neal--but stay away if the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers stage a repeat performance of the Detroit riots in 2004. Whether you're buying basketball tickets with hope for Philadelphia Freedom or a change of Pacers, give your favorite team a second chance.



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