NBA Retirement

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How do I get tickets if my favorite player is retiring?

NBA Retirement

NBA retirement--is it the kiss of death for athletes? Not unless they play golf, or unless they studied hard in school without getting caught up in how many people bought NCAA basketball tickets. But no matter what, you can't miss the end of a successful career. Now retirement celebrations with college basketball tickets--that's another story. Athletics aren't everything, but you can't refuse the Gatorade before you've just begun.

We hear Indiana Pacers star Reggie Miller is retiring next year. Pacers fans can buy sports tickets to celebrate Miller's successful run--check with your broker for basketball tickets. Miller's ceremony is March 30, 2006 at the Conseco Fieldhouse. You can see the Phoenix Suns face off against the Pacers. Let's hope Miller's career ends with a Pacers win. But Miller's life is something to celebrate anyway. He overcame birth defects, splayed feet, and learned to walk by age five. Now, at the end of a vigorous basketball career, he's responsible for keeping the Pacers going after the 2004 riot involving Ron Artest, Jermaine O'Neal and Stephen Jackson. He's retiring at the age of 40 and getting standing ovations.

Tip for those of you planning to attend your player's retirement: NBA players usually retire in their 30s. If you have a young rookie, don't buy your sports tickets too soon. But do get your tickets to honor Reggie Miller.



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