Cost of College Football Tickets

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How much should I pay for college football tickets?

Cost of College Football Tickets

You're worried that kids these days are getting more and more spoiled. College athletics are out of control. There was the not-so-Fab Five in Michigan. These kids expect outrageous salaries and demand inflated prices for NFL football tickets--you're not going to pay through the helmet for college football tickets. However, if you live in Florida and you're watching the Seminoles at the ACC Men's Football Championship, you can get a break on a transportation package when you buy sports tickets from some brokers.

A travel voucher with your football tickets will help you save on gas! Not bad considering that club seats on the 50-yard line can cost $430.00. But this is a championship, not an ordinary game in Podunk, Iowa. If you still refuse to buy a college football or NFL ticket at high prices to teach the kids a lesson, you may get stuck behind a post, but hey, you're protesting, right? However, we like the Corner Endzone tickets for $135 if you want to make a stand and still see the game. After all, you couldn't object that much--you're attending the game, right? Those boys should be grateful!



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