NFL Hot Seats

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What are the NFL's hottest seats?

NFL Hot Seats

NFL hot seats change from year to year, so what's a fan to do when buying NFL football tickets? It's enough to make you follow bowling. Well...not quite. Before you trade your pigskins for bowling pins, check out these hot seats...that have nothing to do with the NFL ticket and everything to do with the coach--college football tickets also have these "hot seats." A good coach and a good team deserve more expensive seating. Some great coaches in 2005:

  • Houston Texans with coach Dom Capers--price $400 on the 30-yard line
  • Minnesota Vikings with Mike Tice--price $175 on the 40-yard line, Vikings side
  • Green Bay Packers with Mike Sherman--price $360.00 for the 50-yard line
  • Seattle Seahawks with Mike Holmgren--price $485 for covered 45-yard line seats
  • New Orleans Saints with Jim Haslett (bonus points for Hurricane Katrina recovery!)--$285 for the 25-yard line club level, support the Saints!

Good coaches are hot NFL football tickets in themselves, so support a coach's good work with football tickets.



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