NFL Seats We'd Like to Bench

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What are some NFL seats to avoid?

NFL Seats We'd Like to Bench

Do any bad seats exist in the NFL? Yes...and football season is too short (although not for football widows) to waste on football tickets that have no legroom. We want all those football widows and widowers (yes, there exist men who don't like sports) to be happy, so we have the short list on NFL football tickets you should avoid.

  • Upper decks that are too far back from the field--this is most noticeable in newer stadiums
  • Bench seats that get too hot
  • Upper decks that are too high and with a steep grade
  • Too noisy seats on open ends of stadiums
  • Field area that is too far from the field of play
  • Cramped lower bowl seats

When you're cheering and screaming because you've found a great NFL ticket, don't neglect your turns out you're in love with a college football fan! The same rules apply to college football venues too.



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