Opening Day Tickets

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How far in advance do I need to buy MLB Opening Day tickets?

Opening Day Tickets

To walk the bases on Opening Day...ahhh. There are few pastimes sports fans with sports tickets enjoy more. You've already marked "purchase Opening Day MLB baseball tickets on your calendar three months in advance. That may not be enough--some brokers have already started selling that hot Opening Day Major League Baseball ticket. It's a good idea to step up to the plate now, even before you've ordered your college baseball ticket.

Not all brokers are taking orders, so if you have a preferred broker, you can probably wait until your broker notifies you that tickets are available. But don't hesitate to claim your seats when you get the e-mail or phone call, or Blackberry alert. If you have your season ticket baseball package, you're already covered. If not, steal home and select those baseball tickets!



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