Pre-Season and Post-Season

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Do baseball season tickets include pre-season and post-season games?

Pre-Season and Post-Season

The pre-season. Playoffs, warm-ups, the excitement of a long exciting struggle. Then, the post-season leading up to the World Series. Your season ticket baseball package includes that, right? Not always. Read your ticket broker's policies or check with the Baltimore Orioles box office, but some baseball tickets with season privileges don't include the pre-season or post-season.

You might be tempted to buy a college baseball ticket package rather than a Major League Baseball ticket, but don't miss the teams vying in the playoffs. Some brokers have a policy of first right of refusal. You shouldn't miss pre-season and post-season parties, however. Plan to celebrate (or mourn) your teams performance. Then take a break from baseball and gear up for the playoffs and the World Series!



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