Duke Basketball Tickets: Hot, Hot, Hot

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What will I spend for Duke basketball tickets I buy through a ticket broker?

Duke Basketball Tickets: Hot, Hot, Hot

Some sporting events seem impossible to get into. For example, if you want Duke basketball tickets, season tickets and individual tickets for the 2006-2007 season are sold out. In fact, the university doesn't offer much hope for even buying tickets next season. It says to call its office in September to find out "if and when" 2007-2008 tickets will go sale. This doesn't sound very promising if you want to take in a Blue Devils game in the next two years.

When events are sold out, your best chance of getting in is to go through a ticket broker. Be prepared to spend more money but you can still find a deal, relatively speaking. Ticket brokers, such as Gotickets.com are selling tickets as expensive as $2,200. Ticketliquidator.com has expensive tickets and also some relatively inexpensive tickets that hover around $100. Ticketsnow.com is selling seats for between $320 and $1,640. Shop around for tickets in the price range you can afford.

And, in case you want to call Duke in September about 2007-2008 tickets, the number is (877) 375-DUKE.



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