Standing Room Only Patriots Tickets

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Can I get cheap football tickets to see the New England Patriots?

Standing Room Only Patriots Tickets

So you don't have the extra money to spend on a seat at Gillette Stadium this coming football season? Are you on the lookout for cheap football tickets? Gillette Stadium can help you.

Gillette Stadium offers a limited amount of standing room only New England Patriots tickets that are cheaper than regular seats. The catch? You need a Visa to buy them. That's because Visa is the official credit card of the New England Patriots and a sponsor of the NFL.

If you have a Visa and are able to get through via phone or online at on the day the tickets go on sale, you will be viewing the big game from the many open areas at Gillette Stadium, which include each end zone plaza, the open concourses throughout the stadium and the pedestrian ramps. The tickets in 2006 cost just $49, which is a good discount when you consider the average cost of a ticket was around $90.

Check the New England Patriots Web site at for the 2007 season information on standing room only tickets to find out when the box office opens and what numbers to call. You should know that the Patriots limit fans to two standing room only tickets per game and four tickets per order in 2006 to allow more fans the opportunity to take advantage of this deal.



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