2007 Fenway Park Tickets

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How much will Fenway Park tickets cost me?

2007 Fenway Park Tickets

If you want to nab Fenway Park tickets for the 2007 Red Sox season, you will pay between $12 to $105 for regular seats and from $100 to more than $300 for premium seating, such as behind home plate. And there is a limit to eight tickets per person per game.

If you want tickets to the super hot and already sold-out Red Sox/Yankees games, you may have to get creative. Here are some ideas:

  • Go to websites, such as craigslist.com and eBay.com, where you can buy second-hand tickets through other fans in your area or by auction
  • Go to Fenway Park the day of the game and stand in line at Gate C, which usually sells tickets an hour before each game. You may be able to snag one. It may be standing room-only, but at least you will be inside.



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