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Are tickets available for Nascar online?

Buying NASCAR Tickets Through Ticket Brokers

Do you love to hear the sound of the engines roaring and feel the adrenaline pumping all around you? If so, the NASCAR races will satisfy you. To get in on the action and be a part of the excitement you can purchase tickets online to any of the races for the year. Search with various online ticket brokers to compare the best deals.

If you are looking to sell NASCAR tickets, there are online ticket brokers and online marketplaces and auction sites that will allow individuals to list tickets. Check out websites such as, and (recently bought by eBay).

Are pre-pit passes worth buying and can I buy them with my ticket?

NASCAR Pre-Race Pit Passes

The smell of high-octane fuel. Engineers performing complex calculations. No, you're not in the Boeing test labs, you're in the pit at Atlanta Motor Speedway or Orange County Speedway. How do you get the pit? Buy a three-day race pit pass. Don't bring your future Rusty Wallace's though, unless your kids are older than 14. With a pre-race pit pass NASCAR Nextel Cup series ticket, you get to tour the pit and the garage, meet the pit crew, and maybe hobnob with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Wow, you think, you can get all this with your regular auto racing tickets. Wrong. Pre-race pit passes are separate from your regular NASCAR race tickets, unless you buy suite passes, which cost $300-$550 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. If you're not living the suite life, you can still buy pre-race passes, but for a hefty price. The geniuses in the pit have to concentrate!

Still, if you check with your NASCAR ticket broker, you can get a deal on a pre-race pit pass, say just for the afternoon. Think pit passes are, well, the pits? Opt for NASCAR race tickets near the start/finish line, spear some motor oil on your face and enjoy a pseudo-version of "Days of Thunder."

How far in advance do I have to buy Nextel Cup tickets?

Lead Time for Nextel Cup Tickets

NASCAR has a heavy and loyal fan following--like Harley's, NASCAR has gone mainstream. The image of men and women missing several teeth (and genes) with cars on bricks in their yard is stereotypical (and offensive).

Fans from all walks of life like fast cars--in Michigan, "Women Love Racing" started less than a decade ago when this writer was working for a local paper. If you think that you won't have a problem buying auto racing tickets because you're competing with hillbillies, think again.

The lead time for Daytona 500 NASCAR race tickets is ten months, so if you've dilly-dallied, you won't be able to get good NASCAR race tickets. The exception is buying from a ticket broker. A reputable broker can offer you a Nextel Cup Series ticket at the eleventh hour before the name of the championship changes to the Sprint Cup in 2007. Pay the price above face value for your NASCAR ticket.

Vow not to let stereotypes black-flag you next time as you join your Niles Crane-ish brother-in-law and your blue-collar female buddy at Talladega with thousands of other fans.

Why are Golden Corral 500 tickets so expensive?

Expensive Golden Corral 500 Tickets

"Fiddle-de-dee! Atlanta Speedway Golden Corral 500 NASCAR tickets are selling for $300 for the best seats. Oh Rhett, whatever shall I do? Wherever shall I go to buy less expensive tickets?"

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. I already have my NASCAR Nextel Cup series ticket. The Atlanta Motor Speedway is one of the fastest tracks in racing. The $300 auto racing tickets are for the Dale Earnhardt Grandstand."

"But Rhett, the fans say that the best NASCAR ticket is to be had in the seats on the back stretch. Besides, you don't need to go five stories high in the grandstand to see the whole Atlanta Speedway--there is no such thing as bad NASCAR race tickets in Atlanta. Oh Rhett, buy the tickets at the Weaver Grandstand for $80."

"All right. But frankly, my dear, I still don't give a damn."

What are the best seats at Talladega?

Best Seats at Talladega

If you think the Talladega 500 is a stock index. think again. Stock car racing fans know that it's a hot NASCAR Nextel Cup series ticket. But where do you sit at Talladega while you're checking your Pennzoil stock? Talladega Superspeedway is the largest oval track on the NASCAR ticket circuit, so there's plenty of seating to choose from. Insiders buying auto racing tickets say that you should opt for the seats in the Tri Oval, Oval Hill South and Oval Hill North Towers sections.

Buying NASCAR tickets for these seats will afford you a close-up look at the pit and an expansive view of the track. If you want to see the start/finish line, buy NASCAR race tickets at the Moss Thronton Tower, Moss Thornton Grandstand or Birmingham Tower. The best bargain in the best seating is reputed to be the Anniston Tower. Lost money on your stock? Buy NASCAR tickets for Gadsden and Lincoln Towers so you can still have a good, although not panoramic, view of the track. Tickets for March 2006 can run $60.00 for the Tri-Oval Tower when you buy from a ticket broker. It's not an outrageous price for excellent seats. Now if your automotive stock would just go up to $60 or higher, you'd be happy.

How do I get the best Craftsman Truck tickets?

Craftsman Truck Tickets

There's more to NASCAR than getting the best NASCAR Nextel Cup series ticket. True NASCAR fans know that the Craftsman Truck Series allows Chevy Silverados and Toyota Tundras to duke it out.

How do you buy Craftsman Truck auto racing tickets? A pair of NASCAR tickets for the Silverado 500 at Texas Motor Speedway can set you back $175 for a Victory Lane Club suite when you buy from a broker in the secondary market. Look for a $160 two-day pass for October 6-8 in 2006 at Talladega for the Saturday NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race and Sunday UAW-Ford 500 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series race in Talladega Tower.

Back to those seats at Texas Motor Speedway. Insiders say it's worth spending the extra money to get into the better grandstand seats. You have a good view of the not-quite-monster trucks as they tear around the track. Ask your broker for his or her NASCAR ticket recommendations if you desire to see the curls of dust from a Toyota Tundra roaring around. You can still be a car snob and buy a Nextel NASCAR ticket, but you'll have missed the boat, er, truck on some great races.

Should I go through a ticket broker now to buy Nextel Cup tickets?

Buy Nextel Cup Tickets

Confused about the difference between the famed Winston Cup and the Nextel cup? So are we. But then, we're confused about how to buy NASCAR race tickets. Some NASCAR fans say you should buy your auto racing tickets directly from Talladega or Daytona before the Nextel Cup series starts on February 11, 2006. Steve McCormick,'s NASCAR guide, remarks, "By being friendly you will get the best available tickets and the best service. Be rude and obnoxious on the phone and you might find yourself sitting behind a post." Or you might end up strapped to the hood of Jeff Gordon's car.

If you can't get NASCAR tickets directly from the office, beware of buying a NASCAR ticket from a NASCAR fan online. This isn't a slap against NASCAR fans--we're generally cautious about buying tickets from any individual seller online. If that NASCAR Nextel Cup Series ticket is sold out at the speedway, your best bet is a reputable ticket broker. You can get a terrific deal that won't cost you as much as the high-octane fuel for Kurt Busch's car. Don't be confused about NASCAR. Even with corporate names, the races are still great opportunities for fans to get together and cheer--just make sure you have your NASCAR ticket.

Are there special rates for kids at Talladega Nascar races?

Special Kid Rates at Talladega

Do your kids love the races? Take them to the NASCAR races in Talladega and enjoy special kid rates.

According to, kids 11 and younger are admitted free with an accompanying adult on fan favorite day. And while you are online, select the view you will enjoy with your Talladega NASCAR tickets using the 3-D diagram of the raceway. And don't forget to check out special NASCAR ticket packages available if you are traveling from out of state with your family.

How can I get tickets to the races in Dover?

NASCAR Races In Dover

NASCAR holds races at the Dover Speedway in Delaware where you will see the stars of the Craftsman Truck, Busch and Nextel cup series. Tickets are available through

You can buy premium plus seating, special group rates, three-day weekend package discounts and other package deals.

Take advantage of special family seating, which means your section is alcohol and tobacco free. You will be sitting in section 187.

The deadline to buy the tickets for the June races is in May. Orders can be placed online, by fax, or telephone. Go to the website for more information.

Where can I find tickets to Phoenix NASCAR races?

Enjoy The Races In Phoenix

Do you want to take in a race at the Phoenix International Raceway? Phoenix NASCAR tickets can be purchased through

This company has a huge selection of tickets available at the desert venue. It offers premium seating for a greater price. Check out a seating chart to decide where you would like to view the race from. If paid in full, all tickets are guaranteed and reserved for you and delivered in a timely manner via FedEx.

Where can I buy Nascar tickets?

Buying NASCAR Tickets

If you want to check out a NASCAR race this year, you can buy tickets online at

Here is some of what you will find on the site:

  • Buy travel packages, which include race tickets, hotel accommodations, transportation to and from the speedway and great seats
  • All tickets have an "official provider seal" which guarantees they are official tickets purchased directly from the track ticket office with no additional price mark-up.
  • You can select your seats on a diagram when you order your tickets.
  • They have multi-day and race day activities tickets, as well as package deals to suit your taste.
  • Tickets can be purchased far in advance as they have availability until the end of 2007.

What should I know before attending the Daytona 500?

Daytona Restrictions

If you have tickets and are heading to the Daytona 500 races, there are some rules you must follow, according to

They are:

  • It is against the law to bring firearms or fireworks
  • No hard-sided coolers, thermos or insulated cups of any size
  • No strollers or umbrellas allowed
  • Your bags, backpacks and other containers must be a certain size

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