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How can I get cheap Spamalot tickets on Broadway?

Cheap Tickets to See "Spamalot"

If you want "Spamalot" tickets on Broadway, it's going to cost you. That's because Monty Python's "Spamalot," winner of the 2005 Tony, Outer Critics and Drama Desk Awards Best Musical is a hit show. For those who don't know, the show tells the tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and their quest for the Holy Grail.

If the show is sold out, you may still have a shot to get inside. The theater offers standing room only seats on the day of the performance. They cost a mere $21.25 and there's a limit of two tickets per person. The show must be sold out for these to be sold.

For regular priced tickets, it will cost you between $36 and $112 to see "Spamalot," depending on where you sit. The back rows on the balcony are the cheapest and the orchestra seats are most expensive. However, you may also buy premium seating, the best seats in the house, for between $251 and $302.

Call (212) 239-6200 or (800) 432-7250 for individual tickets

To find out about group discounts for 20 people or more, call (212) 239-6262 or (800) 432-7780

To find out about premium seating, call (212) 239-6270

How can I get Blue Man Group tickets?

See "Blue Man Group" in New York

To get "Blue Man Group" tickets in New York City, you can do one of three things:

  • Order them by phone by calling (212) 254-4370 or (212) 307-4100
  • Go online to
  • Get them in person at the Astor Place Theatre box office at 434 Lafayette Street.
Tickets will cost you between $69 and $90.

Other cities where you can see "Blue Man Group" are Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Berlin, London, Amsterdam and Orlando. Go to for details about getting "Blue Man Group" tickets in each city.

Do your recommend The Odd Couple or The Producers?

Odd Couple vs. Producers

Nazis and the worst musical in history versus neat vs. sloppy roommates. Hard to choose! They both have Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in common though. Broadway theater tickets for Neil Simon's "The Odd Couple" appear to be in plentiful supply--if you go for "The Producers" in January 2006, you can do a double feature (sort of) with 2 p.m. "Producers" matinee theater tickets and Broadway show tickets for the 8 p.m. "The Producers" the same day.

Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to travel between the St. James Theatre and the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. Just pray that Lane and Broderick never do a show about untidy vs. neat Storm Troopers who drive each other crazy. We'll give those theater tickets a pass and purchase "The Lion King" theater tickets.

Are off-Broadway seats cheap?

Off-Broadway Seats

So you've decided to be adventurous in the wilds of New York theater tickets. You're thinking you'll get good seats cheap, right? Wrong. Even off-Broadway show tickets aren't cheap any more.

The NEW YORK TIMES reports good seats with a clear view of the stage can cost a minimum of $50 at venues such as Dodger Stages. The critics have said that off-Broadway theater tickets bought you the opportunity to see the best work this year, and production values as of February this year had gone up to $1 million for off-Broadway shows. What will those steeper ticket prices land you? has the seating charts for every theater in NYC, on and off-Broadway. Once you have the seating charts you can check your online ticket broker for good deals. So surf over to Playbill, map out your NYC visit, buy your theater tickets, and explore the wilds without even springing for "The Lion King" tickets.

Where's the best place to watch The Lion King on Broadway?

The Lion King Seating

Mufasa may have a sweeping view from Pride Rock, but when you buy "The Lion King" tickets, will you end up with the hyenas?

According to TLK fans, you'll feel the love tonight in the new Amsterdam Theatre if you buy Broadway tickets for the orchestra level about ten rows from the front. Aisle seats are recommended as are first row mezzanine "The Lion King" tickets.

Insiders say the theater is small, but you can see Scar's rage up close that way. If you can't get good Broadway show tickets through your broker, consider buying some of the 22 standing room only tickets available each show. Grab your binoculars and pretend you're a giraffe! You may not perch on Pride Rock, but it's impossible not to get swept up by Elton John and Tim Rice's score no matter where you pounce.

Do I have to pay outrageous prices for Broadway shows?

Being on Broadway Without the Blues

In the song "On Broadway," the guitar-playing would-be star laments how expensive everything is. It's expensive for theater-goers too. For big-name acts like "Wicked," "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," "Mamma Mia," and "The Odd Couple," you could end up paying hundreds for great New York theater tickers. Don't play that guitar blues poor-me song before you listen to our tips on Broadway show tickets.

  • The balcony or the mezzanine are better seats if you're buying "The Lion King" tickets, "Phantom of the Opera" tickets, "Spamalot" tickets, or "Miss Saigon" tickets. You can see more of the spectacle in a big theater from the balcony.
  • Broadway babies say that "rush tickets" are a great way to get excellent Broadway tickets. Just get there three hours ahead of the curtain, especially since theater owners recommend you line up two hours before show time.
  • also says that the TKTS Booth at Broadway and 47th sell half-price Broadway show tickets, albeit with an hour's wait--bring the latest PLAYBILL to read in line.
  • Ticket brokers can also get you great seats without you resorting to the mercies of the scalpers.
  • You're more apt to get good theater tickets at a fair price when you choose a long-running show. Put away that guitar and change those Broadway blues to Broadway yahoos!

What are some good off-Broadway play ticket recommendations?

Off-Broadway Play Recommendations

If you're a "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" fan, we have disturbing news: NYC'S Signature Theater won't be taking any orders for New York theater tickets for the August Wilson celebration in 2006.

What other off-Broadway plays can you see now that your mood is black like Ma Rainey's bottom? We recommend John Guare's "Landscape of the Body" at the Signature Theater for replacement off-Broadway theater tickets.

Guare wrote "A Few Stout Individuals" starring "Die Hard 2" villain William Sadler as Mark Twain. We also hear that "Doubt" at Walter Kerr Theatre tends to sell out with its exploration of religious morals, so purchase your off-Broadway show tickets for January 2006. In the meantime, read "The Piano Lesson" again and appreciate the genius of August Wilson while you're waiting for your theater tickets to be delivered.

Can I still catch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang tickets on Broadway?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Tickets

Forget The Lion King Tickets -- the "furries," as TLK fans call themselves, can't compete with the Chittys. How could you not love a musical conceived by Ian Fleming and the movie with Dick Van Dyke? The late Howard Keel was rumored to be in consideration for the London version. You've got to get Broadway show tickets while you're buying your New York theater tickets.

Unfortunately, the news out of Broadway is that Broadway tickets for "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" will be gone after December 31, because the flying car will soar out of New York (let's hope it doesn't violate no-fly lists). Book your Broadway show tickets now. Some ticket brokers still list dates for January 2006, so check with your broker. After all, if an eccentric professor can build a flying car, maybe the musical will stay on Broadway! Long live the Chittys!

How do I choose gift Broadway tickets?

Gift Broadway Tickets

You've seen every show from "700 Sundays" to "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee." Still, you have no idea what Broadway show tickets to get for your fussy aunt. Check your online ticket broker site for an interactive gift guide. Input your aunt's age, preferences, the occasion (is "please don't cut me out of the will" an option?), and input the dates that your aunt's Kiwanis Club is going to New York.

The interactive gift guide says "The Odd Couple." She loved the TV series. She also likes "Chicago." Spring for Broadway show tickets to both! If she doesn't like one of them, well, you could always go see "Chicago" for the fifth time. Congratulations--you're back in the will!

I want to see an off-Broadway show, will I get good seats?

Off-Broadway Shows

Off Broadway shows used to be like Rodney Dangerfield. But with hits like "Tony 'n Tina's Wedding" and "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change," you don't have to worry about being in a second-rate theater and getting bad New York theater tickets.

If you're not able to get, or prefer not to buy, Broadway show tickets, off-Broadway theatres such as the Westside Theatre are great venues to see a show. Just make sure that when you order your theater tickets, you do so through reputable broker, the box office, or Ticketmaster--not from scalpers on 56th Street. Just respect the performers, and off-Broadway shows will respect you.

Can I still buy tickets for Jewtopia?

Tickets for Jewtopia?

Think of it as the Hebrew version of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." "Jewtopia" New York theatre tickets at the Westside Theater in New York are still available--you can buy April 2006 tickets. Shouldn't we be more sensitive? Ah, not when you can buy Broadway show tickets for "700 Sundays," in which Billy Crystal serves up his relatives with a side of lox and sour cream and quips, "Yiddish is German with phlegm!"

And if you still have doubts, "The Producers" skewers everything, including Nazism. We recommend center section theater tickets (109-101) for "Jewtopia." If you get nervous about political correctness, remember the famous line from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"--"We're all fruit!"

How can I get in to see Wicked at a discounted price?

The $25 Lottery for "Wicked" Tickets

Cheap Broadway tickets are hard to come by. But it does happen, and sometimes in very creative ways.

Take, for example, the Broadway musical "Wicked." The folks there will place you in the front row for a fraction of the price of a ticket by drawing your name from a hat during a daily ritual at Broadway's Gershwin Theatre called the $25 lottery.

So if the $50 and $110 price range of "Wicked" tickets turns you off or you are simply shut out of a sold-out show, there is still hope. Here's how it works:

"Wicked" folks at Broadway's Gershwin Theatre will place your name in a hat 2.5 hours before each show. You must physically be at the theater to place your name in the hat at that time. Two hours before the show starts, the theater workers draw 28 names out of the hat to be given $25 front-row seats for that day's show. There is a limit of two lottery tickets per person and you must pay in cash.

"Wicked" is a musical about how the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch met and became friends long before Dorothy descended upon Oz.

Are there ticket brokers that specialize in an area?

New York Ticket Brokers Specialize in New York Shows

Some ticket brokers specialize in certain areas of the country, though they can get you tickets to events nationwide. If your heart is set on getting into a hot Broadway show, it's a good idea to check with a New York ticket broker that specializes in New York events. This is because these ticket brokers may have a better shot at getting you exactly what you want through their vast circle of inside contacts in a particular city. Many New York ticket brokers claim they can get you "Spamalot" tickets, "The Lion King" tickets and "Wicked" tickets on short notice -- all super hot Broadway shows that are difficult to get into.

Check the yellow pages in New York or online to find New York ticket brokers.

How can I get cheap or half price theater tickets?

How to Get Cheap Theater Tickets

A way to get cheap theater tickets is to buy them the day of the show. Many theaters sell discounted tickets hours and minutes before a show to get rid of any extras they may have. These are often referred to as "stand by" or "last minute" seats. Call the theater to find out if they do this. Many theaters would rather sell these tickets for reduced prices than lose money on the seats.

Also, check to see if your city has a half price ticket outlet where you can buy tickets the same day as a show for half off. Las Vegas has one, which helps out a lot when you are looking to see a pricey show there. However, you likely will not find tickets to such hot shows as "Blue Man Group" at these outlets because these shows sell out every night.

What can I do to get into a sold out show of The Lion King?

When "The Lion King" Tickets are Sold Out

When "The Lion King" tickets are sold out, you still have some options for getting inside the beautiful Minskoff Theatre on Broadway. Here are two options:

  • Stand in line two hours before the show and you may be able to purchase a cancellation or standing room ticket. Keep in mind that only one cancellation or standing room ticket can be purchased per person.
  • Pay a ticket broker, but be prepared to pay significantly more for your seat because brokers must charge more than face value for tickets to cover their costs and also make a profit. For example, currently has Lion King tickets available for $180 and $255 and has tickets for between $130 and $300.

What New York off-Broadway shows are right for kids?

New York Theatre and Kids

Your six-year-old begs for "The Lion King" tickets, but your budget is off-Broadway. Before you go traipsing around in search of reasonable New York theater tickets, observe a few kid-friendly rules.

  • Off-Broadway show tickets will sometimes let your kids in to more risque material than they'd see on MTV. Case in point: "Naked Boys Singing."
  • Check and the New York Times for kid-friendly theater guides. "Rent," for example, will be great when your angel turns fourteen.
  • Bear in mind that Broadway show tickets for touring shows coming to your city can cost less than the normal $10 to $100 in New York.

So if you can stand to miss the Big Apple jungle, see if "The Lion King" will come to your savannah. Now you can share the magic of live theater with your little one--because she's certain to be well-behaved. Right?

How much does it cost to see The Lion King on Broadway?

Tickets to The Lion King

Tickets to the award-winning The Lion King on Broadway will cost you between $51 and $112. You have the best chances of snagging seats to this popular show by going mid-week -- Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If you are planning a special event and want a group rate for The Lion King tickets, you must have a group of at least 15 and you can expect to pay between $41 and $92. If you buy 20 tickets, you will get a free ticket. Keep in mind when planning that there are no group discounts for weekend shows and holiday week shows.

Call (212) 307-4747 or (800) 755-4000 for individual tickets

Call (212) 703-1040 or (800) 439-9000 for group tickets

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