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How much will it cost me to attend a Detroit Red Wings hockey game this season?

Detroit Red Wings Tickets

Detroit Red Wings tickets will cost you between $22 and $85 this season, depending on where you sit. And if you are the ultimate hockey fan, you can buy a package of hockey tickets that will get you into both the professional and college games. Packages start at $92 and include the following hockey games at Joe Louis Arena: Michigan vs. Michigan State, Michigan vs. Lake Superior State and the CCHA Championship. Here is a description of the packages:

Fan Package: Detroit Red Wings tickets to any game, plus four days of college hockey at the Joe Louis Arena (The Joe)

Hockey Lover's Package: Detroit Red Wings tickets to any three games, plus four days of college hockey at The Joe

Six Game Packages: Detroit Red Wings tickets to any six games. plus four days of college hockey at The Joe

Tickets for all these games for the Detroit Red Wings are located in the upper level, rows 19-21.

What does it cost to attend an NHL game?

Cost to Attend NHL Games

Are you wondering if you can afford to buy hockey tickets to a National Hockey League game this season? offers the average price you will pay to see each team during the 2006-2007 season, as well as the price it will cost you to bring a family of four who wants the whole hockey experience (food, swag, programs and parking). Here is a breakdown of a few teams to give you an idea:

Boston Bruins hockey tickets: $327.77 for a family of four; $56.44 for one ticket

New York Rangers hockey tickets: $284.83 for a family of four; $45.83 for one ticket

Phoenix Coyotes hockey tickets: $181.62 for a family of four; $25.41 for one ticket

Go to to look up your favorite team and what it will cost you to bring the family to see them this season.

What seats should I buy if I want to take hockey pictures?

Picture Perfect Hockey Seats

Whether you're in Anaheim watching the Mighty Ducks or in Detroit watching the Red Wings, chances are you'll want a picture. What hockey tickets, especially NHL hockey tickets, will let you get a good shot? Check the arena's policies after you buy tickets from a hockey ticket broker. Your ice hockey tickets may come with restrictions on photography. That said, fans with sports tickets have taken plenty of photographs of the ice action. The problem is, they're not very good unless you have a National Hockey League ticket for the sidelines, which most of us don't.

Hockey photographs for big-league events are typically aerial shots. Local hockey tickets are your best bet for close shots. That said, you can always ask the PR director of the arena. If you're planning to post your photos on a fan Web site, the PR office may even indulge you--especially if you buy season hockey tickets. Be courteous and respectful of the players and the crew. After all, if this is the match of the century, you want proof other than your ticket stub that you were there.

How will hurricane damage affect availability of hockey tickets?

Hurricane and Hockey

The Carolina Hurricanes haven't been benched by Katrina, Wilma and Rita, but you could have difficulty getting sports tickets to your favorite teams in hurricane-damage zones. Fortunately, the hockey teams in the Southeast are in the Carolinas, Atlanta, and Mississippi, but two are in beleaguered Florida.

You can still get a National Hockey League ticket for the Florida Panthers and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Check hurricane damage reports, but support Florida recovery by buying ice hockey tickets. As a side note, run, do not walk, to get Dallas Stars NHL Hockey tickets. The Dallas Stars contributed to Hurricane Katrina relief. And of course, there's always the Hurricanes.

What are some good seats for Colorado Avalanche games?

Pepsi Center Seating

A visit to Colorado wouldn't be complete without skiing and hockey. Avalanche hockey tickets, that is! But you're a Floridian. How do you know where the good NHL hockey tickets will put you in the Pepsi Center for an Avalanche home game? When buying your National Hockey League ticket for the Avalanche, say in the match up with the San Jose Sharks, you should generally avoid the upper balcony with the even-numbered 300 sections, insiders say.

We hear side court sections 104, 122, 128 and 146 are just as good as the premium seats and you can see the players bounce on the ice. If you prefer to sit on the ends of the court, you'll find some great price breaks there through a hockey ticket broker in the secondary market. Now if you could only catch the Telluride Film Festival, your visit would be complete.

Where are the best places to sit at Joe Louis Arena?

Joe Louis Arena Seats

You've heard Detroit is a jungle. Despite urban renewal efforts, it is--just try driving on the Lodge Freeway. Yet you can't miss a trip to Joe Louis Arena to see the Detroit Red Wings. buy your NHL hockey tickets for the Red Wings and avoid the Lodge Freeway, which can take forever on a good day. What other Joe Louis Arena tips can we give you from Motown? When buying Red Wings ice hockey tickets:

  • Expect octopuses. It's a tradition.
  • Be prepared to bargain for your soul with that hockey ticket broker. Red Wings hockey tickets are as rare as white people were on the Motown Label. It's better than bargaining with scalpers in downtown Detroit.
  • Don't buy the cheapest seats in the house--around $30--that are obstructed by ads.
  • Don't gripe about "the man." The man has lifted the corporate seats up higher, so a peon can buy a National League Hockey ticket for a seat closer to the ice.

Did we mention not to drive the Lodge? Have a great time and don't forget the octopuses.

Are there any dangerous hockey seats I should avoid?

Dangerous Hockey Tickets

Danger and hockey seem to go hand in hand. You've purchased a National Hockey League ticket behind the goal--will the puck fly over the goal and strike you? Or how about if your hockey tickets are for the sidelines? Would you be safe in the upper boxes? Or should you skip the game altogether and just go to the pub?

American rinks have been trying to upgrade their siding so that it's comparable with European and Japanese rinks. But still, in every sporting event where a moving projectile is in play, fans assume the risk when buying sports tickets. In our litigious society, we tend to insist that everything be common sense-proof. No one should be hit by a puck...but then, no one should get trampled by rioting fans, who can control their own behavior. No one should sue a hockey ticket broker or a hockey arena as long as a reasonable standard of care has been taken and the hockey players aren't jumping into the stands and whaling on each other.

Many hockey fans say they like to purchase NHL hockey tickets for the goal area. The thrill of a hockey fight is part of the action. The old joke goes, "I was at a fight and a hockey game broke out." Live a little.

How do I work with a hockey ticket broker?

Working With a Hockey Ticket Broker

Easy to work with a hockey ticket broker, you think. Hockey's considered a second-tier sport, except in Canada where it's a national religion. I should be able to get dirt cheap NHL hockey tickets. Show the puck some respect. We're talking about an Olympic sport and the Stanley Cup. Then again, the Luge is an Olympic event and we've never liked it. But hockey is different. Don't name a ridiculously low price (below $30) if offered a "name your own price" for your National Hockey League ticket.

Sports tickets sellers don't have time to waste on your ignorance. That said, some ice hockey tickets are ripoffs, so research the arenas before you consult with a hockey ticket broker. Most sellers of sports tickets are honest, and will provide you with seating charts. They don't assume that you're a second-class sports fan--hockey is big business, after all. But if your broker says the Mighty Ducks, a team that plays in a warm climate, is the greatest, find yourself another broker. We're just kidding. We love the Ducks.

How can I get cheap hockey tickets?

Standing Room-Only Tickets

Sometimes venues offer "standing room-only" tickets to NHL games. Sure, you will be without a seat, but you'll be seeing your favorite team for a bargain price.

Check with the venue to see if standing room-only tickets are sold. Or for complete prices of all hockey tickets, such as L.A. Kings hockey tickets, Ducks hockey tickets or Flyers hockey tickets, go to and click on "sports" and "hockey" to see the price ranges available and whether there are any cheap hockey tickets, such as standing room-only tickets.

Where can I buy tickets from a fan for a good price in a safe environment?

Ticketmaster's New TicketExchange Program

If you are looking to score tickets to an NHL game, you can buy tickets from a fan or season ticket holder by going to "TicketExchange" on the site. Sometimes you can find cheap tickets and great deals here.

What exactly is TicketExchange? It is Ticketmaster's new online ticket buying service that allows fans to buy tickets from fans in a safe and secure environment. Buyers check out what's for sale and then decide to buy a seat or seats from a seller. There is no bidding; it is not an auction. And Ticketmaster takes care of delivery. Ticketmaster guarantees that each ticket is legitimate because the tickets were originally sold by Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster simply changes the bar code on the ticket. So, according to Ticketmaster, there is no way for these tickets to be fake.

Where can I find cheap NHL tickets?

Blues Hockey Tickets for a Bargain

Are you looking for cheap NHL tickets? Look no further than the St. Louis Blues. That's because the team has just announced it is cutting its prices for next season.

The majority of the seats in the Scottrade Center will be reduced next season by 8 percent. The owners of the team are trying to get back into the fans' good graces after recently raising prices and then finishing last in the league and also last in the league in attendance. So take advantage! Blues hockey tickets will now be as low as $7 in select areas of the mezzanine. To sit in the front row behind the glass, it will cost you about $120.

The owners are also throwing in free food and jerseys with certain seats. Ask about this when ordering your Blues hockey tickets to see if your seats apply.

I can't get major-league hockey tickets, what about minor leagues?

Minor League Hockey Tickets

Although you'd love to get ice hockey tickets for the Vancouver Canucks, the price of coffee and gas in Seattle has iced your plans. Fear not. Minor league hockey tickets are growing in popularity. If you can't get Canucks tickets through a hockey ticket broker, you can watch the Silvertips play in Seattle.

Silvertips sports tickets are as popular among Seattle fans as NHL hockey tickets. You might miss out on a Molson that way, but you'll get to meet the players afterwards, and the prices are more reasonable--$50 for a family of four. Who needs the Canucks?

Is the General Motors Place stadium in Michigan?

General Motors Place

Despite what you think, General motors Place isn't where the Detroit Red Wings play, so don't go buying ice hockey tickets to the Red Wings at the General Motors Place. Do, however, expect to buy NHL hockey tickets and get a great view--so fans say.

Although parking and food are reputed to be impossible and uninspiring, respectively, fans say you never miss a detail of the action at "The Garage" no matter what National Hockey League ticket you choose. It's also close to a monorail in case you leave your car at home or visit GM Place in Vancouver.

Ice Paks, or season ice hockey tickets, are sold out this year, but you can reserve your spot for 2006-2007 today. Even the top row of seats is said not to inspire vertigo. So don't think Michigan. Think Canada, eh, and catch the next Canucks game!

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