Ticketmaster's New TicketExchange Program

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Where can I buy tickets from a fan for a good price in a safe environment?

Ticketmaster's New TicketExchange Program

If you are looking to score tickets to an NHL game, you can buy tickets from a fan or season ticket holder by going to "TicketExchange" on the Ticketmaster.com site. Sometimes you can find cheap tickets and great deals here.

What exactly is TicketExchange? It is Ticketmaster's new online ticket buying service that allows fans to buy tickets from fans in a safe and secure environment. Buyers check out what's for sale and then decide to buy a seat or seats from a seller. There is no bidding; it is not an auction. And Ticketmaster takes care of delivery. Ticketmaster guarantees that each ticket is legitimate because the tickets were originally sold by Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster simply changes the bar code on the ticket. So, according to Ticketmaster, there is no way for these tickets to be fake.



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