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Corporate Tickets to Match Your Business

Want a way for people to remember your company--other than exceptional service and great products? You might try a corporate gift of tickets to events that complement your business. A golf ticket gift certificate, of course, will suit any business. But we have some ideas for your next corporate gift:

  • Do you make Boston baked beans? Include a can with gift certificates to Red Sox games or Boston Bruins games.
  • Do you sell Spam? For a humorous corporate incentive gift, include tickets to "Monty Python's Spamalot" along with cans of Spam and recipes for cooking with Spam.
  • Steel manufacturer? Include Steelers tickets with your mouse pads and corporate mugs.
  • Astroturf maker? Almost any sports tickets will do.
  • Are you based in New Jersey? Include Springsteen tickets in that corporate gift pack.

In business, you follow your core competency for success. That includes providing corporate gift incentives that remind people of who you are. Service with a smile doesn't hurt either.

How do corporate gift cards redeemable for tickets work?

Tickets and Corporate Gift Cards

Heads up: Now that you've cut back on health plans, your employees have become disgruntled with the usual donuts in the break room. Take away the donuts--you don't want to have to deal with obesity. Instead, invest in a ticket gift certificate or corporate gift card.

Those who grumble the most usually work the hardest, and with that software roll-out, they can't just take off for a night at the opera. Assuming they like opera and not U2. Problem solved! Take out the donuts, and with your corporate incentive gift program, give your employees gift cards redeemable anytime for (almost) any show. You can personalize the gift cards as well. When is the last time a donut made your employees smile the way your corporate ticket gift certificate will?

How can my employees get help choosing tickets?

Employee Ticket Help Desk

Your employees help irate customers all day long. We hope this has taught your people how to behave when they need help. Chances are if you have a ticket corporate gift incentive program, your star performers will need help should a ticket gift certificate need to be exchanged because those grumpy people on the phones caused a stomachache.

Although you set up the corporate gift employee rewards program, your employees will probably deal directly with the ticket broker just like any other client of the broker. You might need to set policies for the corporate gift certificates, depending on the broker's policies. But in general, the ticket broker will be happy to accommodate your employees, especially if you've built a strong partnership. After manning the help desk, your star associates will know how to be good clients! You might make that a requirement for the rewards program. Way to motivate customer service and call response times!

How do I create distinctive client ticket packages?

Corporate Rewards Program Gift Ideas

Your best client--you know, the one who gave you $1M in business last year--loves the Rolling Stones. Or she loves to watch Derek Jeter play, Or she's wild about Billy Crystal in "700 Sundays." How do you reward her? Try a corporate incentive gift basket. You can buy discounted tickets or a ticket gift certificate. Make up a gift basket. Some ideas:

  • Rolling Stones Corporate Gift: Rolling Stones T-Shirt, Rolling Stones CD, Scottish shortbread, Newcastle Ale, a gift certificate to a British-style pub in town
  • 700 Sundays: A copy of Billy Crystal's new book by the same name, a gift certificate to a Jewish delicatessen, a DVD of "When Harry Met Sally"
  • Derek Jeter: Yankees cap, Yankees T-shirt, gift certificate to a restaurant near Yankee Stadium since locals have spotty reviews of the stadium fare, Derek Jeter baseball card
  • The Lion King: DVDs of all the Disney movies (for the kids, of course), a stuffed Simba toy, gift certificate to a restaurant near the theater

All this may take some know-how and moolah, but your client is worth it. Don't forget to buy extra tickets so she can take the husband and kids who are jealous of all the time she spends with you!

Can I write off tickets bought for a corporate incentive program?

Ticket Write-Offs

You learned quite a bit about corporate entertaining from the lavish parties given by Tyco executives. All you want is to reward your employees Hockey Night in Canada (only maybe not in Canada) with tickets to a Maple Leafs match. Can you write off ticket gifts for corporate incentive programs? We're not tax attorneys or accountants and we can't presume to give legal advice.

A ticket gift certificate sounds like a reasonable write-off to us, but then, we almost bought stock in Tyco. Companies write off corporate incentive programs every day, but you need to consult with a tax attorney about the laws regarding a corporate gift. After all, you don't want to live in fear that you might have to actually ship your company to Toronto because your accountant notices something odd.

Can a broker help me decide what corporate gifts are right?

Ticket Broker Advice

You have the most unpredictable clients in your industry. How do you know what corporate gift they'll like? Your corporate incentive programs might just get that important account cancelled. Pass the Tylenol and the Scotch. But before you self-medicate, a ticket broker can help you buy gift certificates and select which ticket gift certificate will please that client--you know, the one who complains if the package arrives at 10:01 instead of 10 a.m.

Your ticket broker can help you choose the right corporate incentive gift if you fill out an online form--be sure to note that you need help deciding on a corporate gift. Not all ticket brokers will offer this personalized service, so shop around until you find one who does. The right ticket broker will save you a bundle in aspirin and Scotch, and you'll be headache-free.

How do I work with a ticket broker to get my clients discounts?

Ticket Brokers and Corporate Gifts

You've decided to spring for Springtime for Hitler, aka "The Producers," because your clients are all theatre and art enthusiasts. How do you work with a ticket broker to get you the best ticket gift certificate deal? As a major corporation, you have more buying leverage than the average ticket-buyer, but that doesn't give you the prerogative to demand special privileges other than bulk discounts and premium seating on corporate incentive program.

Treat your corporate gift partner the way you treat your suppliers and business partners. Don't behave like an angry fan or you could end up like Leo and Max in "The Producers." Do express to your corporate incentive gift broker exactly what you need. Chances are the ticket broker will honor your request for a particular ticket gift certificate. If your client purchases through the broker, the broker takes a discount, but also gets plenty of business and goodwill. It's a win-win situation. Plus, you enjoy the same discounts your clients do when you're ordering gift certificates. You've set out to complete the best deal in Broadway history and succeeded. Now you can sit with your clients and watch as the little old ladies with walkers dance in "The Producers." We can do it, we can do it, we can make our dreams come true!

Can my trade association benefit from corporate gift programs?

Trade Association Rewards

Trade associations. You need them to network, but who has the time? All those committees and meetings. Why not motivate officers and conference attendees the way that you do your employees? Offer discount ticket gift certificates to board members of, say, the National Cattle Association. (Naturally, those are Chicago Bulls tickets!) Conferences can get a boost from corporate incentive programs and gift certificates purchased through an online ticket broker.

When conference attendees register, they can be taken to your corporate incentive gift site the broker will set up for you, with your association logo displayed prominently. Attendees can opt for events in Chicago, Phoenix, or Jacksonville--wherever the conference is. You can even set up group events--just make sure you have a head count first. Or try offering a ticket gift certificate as a door prize. In organizations and associations, ten percent of the people do ninety percent of the work, but with corporate incentive programs, you might boost volunteerism and conference attendance! Hey, it's better than the stale hotel danish and OJ you typically get.

Can a non-profit organization take advantage of corporate incentives?

Corporate Gifts for Nonprofits

You swore you'd change the world by the time you were twenty-five. Well, you're past twenty-five and you haven't changed the world yet. But you're helping stroke patients or people with Parkinson's disease every day. You have so many loyal members and employees who keep you running. Let's face it, nonprofits are hard work. How can you do well by doing good?

Put some money in the budget for a ticket gift certificate expenditure (make sure to explain this when you're applying for grants). Give your members and employees a pat on the back through corporate gift programs and corporate incentive programs. Don't those tireless volunteers desert a night at the theater? Wouldn't your Parkinson's client like to attend a ball game?

Nonprofit salaries aren't supposed to be exorbitant, but a corporate incentive gift will help retain staff and membership--particularly if you have unpaid volunteers. Ticket gift certificates make great giveaways, too, for those fund raising silent auctions. Get creative with gift baskets--we've seen some terrific ones at fund raising luncheons and galas. You may not be twenty-five, but rewarding your devoted base makes you feel energetic and ready to save the world one ticket at a time.

How do I reward loyal employees with tickets?

Employee Ticket Packages

Health care costs have caused Sears Holdings to revamp its benefit program. Maybe you're not in debt, but you didn't quite meet your bottom line. You can't grant a raise, but you'd like to reward that star salesman or outstanding operator of your IT infrastructure.

We suggest corporate incentive programs with theater or sports tickets. Is everyone in the office buzzing about Mamma Mia? Partner with a ticket broker to offer a corporate gift of Mamma Mia tickets, or a ticket gift certificate your employee can use for whatever show or event she wants.

Some ticket brokers offer bulk ticket packages, but you may not be able to determine which tickets you're buying. Still, few employees will pass up free or greatly discounted tickets! You may find that your sales star exceeds her objectives, or your servers don't crash as often. Corporate incentive programs mean happy employees.

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