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How do I enter the NFL Super Bowl ticket lottery?

Ways to Score Super Bowl Tickets

Are you wondering how to get Super Bowl tickets? You may be able to buy Super Bowl tickets straight from the NFL by applying to be in the Super Bowl ticket lottery that takes place each year. Here's how:

You must write your name and address down and send it to NFL, Super Bowl Game, 280 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017. You have to send your request between Feb. 1 and June 1 of each year for tickets to the Super Bowl of the following year. You cannot send in more than one request per household. Over the summer, the NFL will send you an acknowledgement that it received your request. The ticket drawing takes place in October.

Here are suggestions for increasing your chances in the Super Bowl ticket lottery, courtesy of

  • Be sure to include your full name, address and phone number
  • Type your request to safeguard against poor penmanship
  • Although duplicate requests are not allowed, you can enter all of your friends and family who don't live in your household
  • Send your request via certified mail

Can I get cheap football tickets to see the New England Patriots?

Standing Room Only Patriots Tickets

So you don't have the extra money to spend on a seat at Gillette Stadium this coming football season? Are you on the lookout for cheap football tickets? Gillette Stadium can help you.

Gillette Stadium offers a limited amount of standing room only New England Patriots tickets that are cheaper than regular seats. The catch? You need a Visa to buy them. That's because Visa is the official credit card of the New England Patriots and a sponsor of the NFL.

If you have a Visa and are able to get through via phone or online at on the day the tickets go on sale, you will be viewing the big game from the many open areas at Gillette Stadium, which include each end zone plaza, the open concourses throughout the stadium and the pedestrian ramps. The tickets in 2006 cost just $49, which is a good discount when you consider the average cost of a ticket was around $90.

Check the New England Patriots Web site at for the 2007 season information on standing room only tickets to find out when the box office opens and what numbers to call. You should know that the Patriots limit fans to two standing room only tickets per game and four tickets per order in 2006 to allow more fans the opportunity to take advantage of this deal.

What will it cost me to see the Red-White Spring Football Game?

Red-White Spring Football Game Tickets

If you are a fan of the Nebraska Huskers, you may want to attend the Red-White Spring Football game held each April. This is your first chance to get a glimpse of the Huskers team for that year. This popular football game draws around 60,000 fans.

To buy tickets to this game, it will cost the following:

  • Adults: $8
  • Children: $4
  • Seniors: $4
  • UNL students: free
  • Children 6 and under: free

Can I buy NFL ticket packages?

NFL Ticket Packages

You'd pay for a NFL ticket for "da Bears" any time, but your wife threatens to dress up like Mike Ditka to dress your attention. Ouch. You can't catch all of "da Bears," but maybe you'll get your fill if you purchase a travel package with your NFL football tickets.

Many travel sites have travel packages with college football tickets and pro football tickets. You can get Chicago out of your system before your wife puts on that Mike Ditka wig. Ticket brokers may also give you travel packages with your sports tickets--if you're a Jacksonville Jaguars fan and live in Florida, you can get a travel voucher so that your won't have to spend hours coordinating travel and make your wife roar like an angry jaguar.

Then again, all the roaring and Mike Ditka lines may just be an act. Who knows--she might be glad to have you and your football memorabilia out of the house. Just the same, we recommend investing in concert tickets too.

What are the NFL's hottest seats?

NFL Hot Seats

NFL hot seats change from year to year, so what's a fan to do when buying NFL football tickets? It's enough to make you follow bowling. Well...not quite. Before you trade your pigskins for bowling pins, check out these hot seats...that have nothing to do with the NFL ticket and everything to do with the coach--college football tickets also have these "hot seats." A good coach and a good team deserve more expensive seating. Some great coaches in 2005:

  • Houston Texans with coach Dom Capers--price $400 on the 30-yard line
  • Minnesota Vikings with Mike Tice--price $175 on the 40-yard line, Vikings side
  • Green Bay Packers with Mike Sherman--price $360.00 for the 50-yard line
  • Seattle Seahawks with Mike Holmgren--price $485 for covered 45-yard line seats
  • New Orleans Saints with Jim Haslett (bonus points for Hurricane Katrina recovery!)--$285 for the 25-yard line club level, support the Saints!

Good coaches are hot NFL football tickets in themselves, so support a coach's good work with football tickets.

How much should I pay for college football tickets?

Cost of College Football Tickets

You're worried that kids these days are getting more and more spoiled. College athletics are out of control. There was the not-so-Fab Five in Michigan. These kids expect outrageous salaries and demand inflated prices for NFL football tickets--you're not going to pay through the helmet for college football tickets. However, if you live in Florida and you're watching the Seminoles at the ACC Men's Football Championship, you can get a break on a transportation package when you buy sports tickets from some brokers.

A travel voucher with your football tickets will help you save on gas! Not bad considering that club seats on the 50-yard line can cost $430.00. But this is a championship, not an ordinary game in Podunk, Iowa. If you still refuse to buy a college football or NFL ticket at high prices to teach the kids a lesson, you may get stuck behind a post, but hey, you're protesting, right? However, we like the Corner Endzone tickets for $135 if you want to make a stand and still see the game. After all, you couldn't object that much--you're attending the game, right? Those boys should be grateful!

Are cheap college football seats good seats?

Cheap College Football Seats

Are cheap college football tickets necessarily bad? That's like saying that not paying $6 for a Heineken means you're niggardly. If you're not a member of an alumni association (hot tip: you can get health insurance too if you join), you're probably used to astronomical prices for football tickets. But some sports tickets can be good and inexpensive. Not necessarily NFL football tickets!

For example, at Pro Player Stadium, the upper level corners and end zones require a bit of mountaineering but allow you to spring for that Heineken, which you're not buying because you're trying to get health insurance. Insiders also like the lower level end zones and corners, especially when the Baylor University Bears have the ball. Remember, education is expensive, but ignorance will bankrupt you, so do your research before you assume all cheap seats are bad. And for heavens' sake, get your health insurance.

How do I get the most out of my college football tickets?

Scheduling College Football Trips

You wouldn't buy Maryland Terrapins college football tickets (we suggest the open end zone) without attending a crab-cake tailgate party. And you wouldn't go to South Bend, Indiana with your Notre Dame football tickets without catching Football Fridays, so plan to get to Indiana a day or two in advance if you can. But although the discount sports tickets from your broker helped, you still have limited discretionary funds. No problem--if your team is playing the Fighting Irish or the Michigan Wolverines, regardless of whether you bought tickets from the alumni ticket office, you can probably join a caravan and get discounts on travel packages.

The Alumni Association for the #1 ranked University of Southern California is particularly helpful--'SC fans are notoriously zealous. See--you knew that staying in school was smart. Don't forget to make the same plans if you buy NFL football tickets--who knows, there could be a helpful alumnus who likes Maryland crab cakes and arranges a tour with your NFL ticket!

Will I have to buy a ticket for my small child if I'm attending a Michigan football game?

Paying for Children at Big Ten College Games

Some events allow children under a certain age in for free. Not so with Big Ten Conference football games. Remember that Big Ten Conference rules say every person who attends a football game must have a ticket regardless of age. This is a popular concern by parents who attend these games.

If you are buying Michigan football tickets or Badgers football tickets and plan to take a child, know that you will have to pay for him or her, even if the child is an infant.

Here is a list of who's in the Big Ten Conference, so you will know whether this rule applies to a college football game you are attending:

  • Ohio State Buckeyes
  • Purdue University Boilermakers
  • University of Illinois Fighting Illini
  • Indiana University Hoosiers
  • University of Iowa Hawkeyes
  • University of Michigan Wolverines
  • Michigan State Spartans
  • University of Minnesota Golden Gophers
  • Northwestern University Wildcats
  • Penn State University Nittany Lions
  • University of Wisconsin Badgers

What is will call?

Using Will Call

If you are buying tickets to a big event, chances are you will have the option of using "will call." Some of the big college and university sporting events use it, as well. For example, you can get Ohio State football tickets or Purdue football tickets through will call.

Will call is a location at a venue where your tickets are held for you to pick up prior to the event. This is convenient if you bought last-minute tickets and there is no time for them to be mailed to you or if you do not want to travel with your tickets to an out-of-town event. Often, you will need more than one form of identification to pick up will call tickets.

Will call window hours vary from venue to venue so you must be sure you know when you can pick your tickets up.

How do colleges and Universities feel about their tickets being sold second hand?

Ohio State Strict on Resale of Tickets

Some colleges and universities frown upon people purchasing tickets for more than the face value and some even promise to punish you if they find out.

For example, Ohio State wants you to buy Ohio State football tickets from the Ohio State ticket office. According to Ohio State, "only tickets purchased directly from the Ohio State Ticket Office can be authenticated at the gate upon entry."

Ohio State says it will revoke your tickets and ban you from future games if it finds out you have entered a game with a scalped ticket or a ticket bought on the second-hand market for more than face value.

How much will it cost me to attend an NFL game?

NFL Football Tickets

Are you looking to attend a New England Patriots game but have no idea how much it's going to cost you? In the 2006 season, the average NFL football ticket cost between $45 and $91, depending on the team. The New England Patriots tickets were the most expensive buy, with an average ticket price of $91. The Buffalo Bills was the least expensive ticket at around $45.

How do I trust football fans' ticket offerings?

NFL Ticket Offerings

Packers vs. Bears. Redskins vs. Eagles. The one thing you can count on other than football rivalries is fans willing to sell NFL football tickets--possibly because they're disgusted with how the team is playing.

When you browse player marketplaces for your NFL ticket, and when you look for sports tickets on ticket broker sites, be wary of the claims: "Best seats in the house! Great seats in the end zone!" Most fans are honest, but you just have to beware of exaggerated benefits. Likewise, ticket brokers usually scrutinize the college football tickets and pro football tickets that sellers offer.

Look for specific descriptions such as "piggy backs on the aisle 20 yrd line Cadillac Club," or "Cadillac Club sell as 4-pack only." That way, you can scope out the exact gridiron location. The third thing you can rely on is that football fans are loyal, but they hate to be duped when it comes to buying sports tickets for the game they love--so always provide clear exact descriptions if you're selling your football tickets.

I've never been to Penn State, can you give me seating tips?

Great Penn State Seats

Are you ready for some football? Are you ready for some Rolling Rock? Penn State fans are polite if you're coming to Beaver Stadium to watch your team play the Nittany Lions, so don't worry about being a stranger in a strange land. Whew. Now all you have to do is find great seats with your college football tickets!

Rumor has it Beaver Stadium is second to University of Michigan as far as great venues go. If it's a great match up, you'll want to buy sports tickets on the fifty-yard-line. We also recommend buying college football tickets for seats several rows up on one of the lower decks. However, Richard Cirminiello of College Football recommends bringing a folding chair and sitting on the roof atop the press box--in good weather, of course. It is Pennsylvania and winters can be rough--no football tickets are worth freezing! Pop a Rolling Rock and enjoy the good value that college football tickets give you as opposed to, say, NFL football tickets. Plus, there's something to be said for polite fans.

What are some NFL seats to avoid?

NFL Seats We'd Like to Bench

Do any bad seats exist in the NFL? Yes...and football season is too short (although not for football widows) to waste on football tickets that have no legroom. We want all those football widows and widowers (yes, there exist men who don't like sports) to be happy, so we have the short list on NFL football tickets you should avoid.

  • Upper decks that are too far back from the field--this is most noticeable in newer stadiums
  • Bench seats that get too hot
  • Upper decks that are too high and with a steep grade
  • Too noisy seats on open ends of stadiums
  • Field area that is too far from the field of play
  • Cramped lower bowl seats

When you're cheering and screaming because you've found a great NFL ticket, don't neglect your turns out you're in love with a college football fan! The same rules apply to college football venues too.

How can I get into a sold out Crimson Tide game?

University of Alabama Football Tickets

If you are looking to buy or sell University of Alabama football tickets, the University of Alabama has an "Alabama Ticket Marketplace" to just that. The marketplace offers a chance to get sold-out tickets and great seats to a Crimson Tide game and it also allows those who can't make a game to get their money back.

In 2006, single game tickets cost $35 and season tickets cost $320.

What will it cost me to see the national champions, the Gators, play in Florida?

Attending a University of Florida Gators Game

Florida is undoubtedly a hot spot when it comes to college football and the University of Florida Gators are on fire since winning the national championship in January 2006.

To get Gators football tickets, it will cost you more than it did in the past. The price of a ticket to see the Gators play at their home field, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (better known as "The Swamp") in Gainesville will now cost you $40 (in 2006 it was $35) for a single ticket. If you are a Floridian and want to attend all the home games, a seven game season pass will cost you $224 (up from $196 in 2006).

Students are offered tickets at a discounted rate.

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