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How do I win premium sporting event tickets?

Winning Premium Sporting Event Tickets

You're strapped for cash, which is why you're calling in to radio shows and playing the lottery when your boss isn't looking--even if that boss is you and you work from home. While winning the lottery or even $5,000 is a long shot, you can enjoy entertainment on a budget. Check the event calendar for premium sporting event tickets you'd be interested in. You may not be able to get to the Super Bowl or World Series even if you win Super Bowl tickets or World Series Tickets, but you can win local event tickets. Here are our call-in tips:

  • Don't trust Internet offers. "Free" tickets and a chance to win often just get you to purchase meaningless club memberships and join annoying mailing lists where your privacy may or may not be guarded. Don't ever give out personal information.
  • If telemarketers need to call you to offer you free event tickets, they probably have tickets that they couldn't give away to their own mothers.
  • Find out when your favorite radio station typically offers giveaways of premium sporting event tickets, and listen--everyone has Sirius or XM Satellite Radio, and depending on your office (or home office), your radio station might even be the official office station. Keep listening, but don't neglect that customer service call because you're phoning in to be the eighth caller!
  • Your local TV station also may give away event tickets. Watch the local news! You'll get more informed in the process.
  • Draw up an event calendar of your favorite team so you know when to look for contest giveaways. Now stop reading this and get back to work--you're looking over your own shoulder so you can start earning cash!

Which teams should I buy tickets to pre-World Series?

Pre-World Series Action

If you bet that the Astros would win the World Series and spent all your dough on Astros premium sporting event tickets, Here's your chance to be a winner in 2006 by backing the right World Series tickets. The dust hasn't even been swept off US Cellular Field, and people are making 2006 predictions.

One early prediction: Worst Weather Ever blog thinks that if the Cleveland Indians get Manny Ramirez to re-up, Ramirez could take the Indians to the Series in 2006. Sign up for Cleveland Indians event tickets. Want further predictions? You'll have to wait until after the Super Bowl. Commentators are already releasing their predictions. So while you're waiting for Series prognostications, get your Super Bowl tickets now.

When do I need to buy tickets for the Triple Crown?

Triple Crown Tickets

It's the equine equivalent of World Series tickets and Super Bowl tickets. For those who love "Dreamer" and "Seabiscuit," event tickets to the Preakness Stakes, Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes are premium sporting event tickets. How far in advance do you buy event tickets before your odds become twenty to one?

Here's the equestrian event calendar for 2006:

  • May 4-6 -- Kentucky Derby
  • May 20 -- Preakness Stakes
  • June 10 -- Belmont Stakes

Be warned, though: If you're buying Kentucky Derby tickets, you have to apply a year in advance to have a chance at one of the 48,500 seats, and it's already too late for 2006. You can always go through an online ticket broker (though some grumble that eBay is cheaper) so you don't run afoul of the strict Kentucky anti-scalping laws.

If you back the right horse and successfully purchase tickets for the Derby, insiders like sections 10, 11 and 12, the infield bleachers. Also, be sure to stay a week in Kentucky so you can catch the famed parties, including the Kentucky Derby Breakfast and Eve Party. Don't be an also-ran--order your Triple Crown tickets ASAP. We'll see you in the winner's circle!

Should I buy Red Sox tickets in anticipation of the World Series?

Red Sox Tickets Pre-World Series?

Yankees vs Red Sox.

It's a rivalry not unlike Mozart and Salieri, Caesar and Pompey, Angelina and Jennifer. If you prefer Boston Common over Central Park, and secretly wish Steinbrenner and Torre hadn't made up, you probably think the Red Sox can go to the World Series. Mark your event calendar in May and August of 2006, where the Red Sox will square off against the Yankees at Fenway Park in anticipation of the World Series.

You already have your World Series tickets, right? You want the Red Sox to knock the Sox off the Yankees, which according to some predictions, would leave the Sox to deal with the Cleveland Indians. Still, as long as Joe Torre gets creamed, you don't mind--although since Torre volunteers to help abused women and kids, you can't nurture the hate that wishes for a Waterloo. Now if only Angelina and Jennifer would hug and make up.

What are some early Super Bowl 2006 predictions for my calendar?

Pre-Super Bowl Events Calendar

The 2006 Super Bowl in Detroit is around the corner. Time to stock up on bean dip and pre-Super Bowl tickets. If you've bought your Super Bowl tickets, now is the time to buy premium sports event tickets to teams the sports booking sites predict will advance to the Super Bowl. Right now, looking forward to 11/07, the odds are that the Patriots will go to the Super Bowl.

The Patriots were victorious in 2005, so set mark these dates on your event calendar for Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts: Patriots vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers January 2006 New Year's Day -- Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins Sports bookies aren't betting on the Eagles to make the Super Bowl, or for that matter the Washington Redskins.

But gamblers have been wrong before. You may just want to follow your favorite team...and don't eat too much bean dip.

How do I plan my sporting events calendar?

Planning Your Events Calendar

Darn--you forgot to buy premium sporting events tickets. You also forgot your anniversary. Now you're in the penalty box, because the events tickets were for your anniversary. How do you remember to buy World Series tickets and Super Bowl tickets in time?

You have a Blackberry or a Day Runner. Take your ticket stubs from last year and staple them to this month's calendar page to remind you to buy February 2006 Super Bowl tickets, or to the calendar page for May 2006--leave yourself several months lead time when buying World Series tickets. For all other games, get the schedule online--you can even download that events calendar to your Blackberry. Set Blackberry and e-mail reminders.

Have your preferred ticket broker call you to remind you to buy tickets. He probably wants you in the penalty box too. Here's a heads-up: Take your wife to the MLB All-Star Game at OPNC Park. It's July 11, 2006, so mark your calendar now and buy those tickets. A dozen roses won't hurt either.

Should I buy World Series tickets now?

World Series Tickets

17.2 million people tuned in to watch the Astros-White Sox clash of the titans, down 32 percent from last year when the Red Sox played--maybe it's a case of the wrong color Sox? However, if you want to skip the TV apathy and go directly to Minute Maid Park or US Cellular Park, the event calendar for the Series hasn't been announced yet.

Make sure your ticket broker doesn't have allegiance to Sox or Astros before you ask to be put on the list for event ticket announcements. After all, parking may be insane but doing the Wave and booing the opposing team's fans beat the Sox off a flickering screen, even a plasma HDTV with plenty of cold ones by your Barcalounger.

What are good World Series seats?

Good World Series Seats

Riddle: What are good World Series seats?

Answer: Anywhere but the Houston Astros section.

That was 2005. This is now.

Like scoring good Super Bowl tickets, grabbing great World Series tickets is an art. Or maybe not. If the White Sox play again in 2006, new loosened Chicago restrictions on the secondary premium sporting events tickets market mean that you'll be able to get those box seats next year at US Cellular Field. One woman, confident that the White Sox would advance to the Series, bought two tickets for $999 apiece, according to the Wall Street Journal. These tickets were backed by a 100% guarantee, as event tickets from ticket brokers usually are.

So if you're buying tickets to the "Cell," you can get good seats, especially in the upper deck, which has been lowered. The Fan Deck has tiered seating plus constant refreshment from the fountain. Plus, there's the 314-seat "Scout" area directly behind home plate. Here's another riddle: Should you book those upper deck seats now? Answer: You can't, but sign up for notifications on online event tickets broker's sites!

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