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What group deals can I get at Wrigley Field?

Wrigley Field Group Rates

Buy Wrigley Field tickets for your group and enjoy the Chicago Cubs with family members, co-workers or friends. Some ball parks, such as Wrigley Field, offer group discounts. Check out the team's website to get more information. Here is what Wrigley Field offers in the way of baseball tickets for a group in 2007:

  • $5 dollar days: for groups of 20 to 50, Wrigley Field will put you in the Terrace Reserved and Upper Deck Reserved seats. Games available are: April 10, 11, 17, 25 and May 10.
  • April half-price specials: for groups of 50 or more, Wrigley Field will charge you $12 for Terrace Reserved Infield and $11 for Terrace Reserved Outfield tickets if available. Games available are: April 13, 14, 15, 16, 23 and 24.
  • May half-price specials: the same prices and seats as the April half-price specials, except offered on May 4, 5, 8, 9, 29 and 30.
  • Wrigley Field will offer your school group a discount rate. Just contact its offices at (773) 404-4242.
  • Senior citizen group discounts: for select weekday afternoon games, senior citizens will pay just $7 for Terrace Reserved Infield seats.
  • Special bleacher dates: on April 10, 11, 17 and 25, bring your group to sit together in Wrigley Field's historic bleacher seats for $17 per person.

Is it affordable to go to a spring training game?

Spring Training Tickets Are Affordable

If you can't wait until regular season and need your baseball fix now, there are affordable baseball tickets to spring training games.

For example, to buy spring training tickets to see the Boston Red Sox at City of Palms Park in Ft. Myers, Florida, go to It will cost you between $10 and $44 a ticket, depending upon whether you want to stand or sit behind home plate.

How much will it cost to attend a Yankee game this season?

Yankee Stadium Tickets

To buy regular season Yankee Stadium tickets, it will cost you between $12 and $78, depending on where your seats are located.

Yankee Stadium offers group discounts for groups of 20 or more on games that take place Monday through Thursday. You can receive up to $5 off tickets, depending on how many people are in your group. For every 20 tickets you buy, you will get two free. Check out the team's website for more information.

Discounts do not apply to "premium games" at Yankee Stadium. What are premium games? Any games against the Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim or the New York Mets.

How much can I expect to pay for baseball season tickets?

Baseball Season Ticket Fees

If you sell it, they will come. Apologies to Kevin Costner. But baseball fans with baseball fever want their sports tickets. So how much will your college baseball ticket and season ticket baseball fees set you back? Will you get your Field of Dreams?

For MLB baseball tickets for the Atlanta Braves, you can expect to pay $830 for an Upper Box Major League Baseball ticket for the whole season. That's directly from the Braves box office at face value--but your ticket broker may be able to provide more complete seat recommendations if you buy sports tickets online. Remember when you're buying your season tickets for baseball to choose a seat that feels comfortable the first time. Check to see if you can choose that seat for every game. For love of the game, get your season tickets.

How far in advance do I need to buy MLB Opening Day tickets?

Opening Day Tickets

To walk the bases on Opening Day...ahhh. There are few pastimes sports fans with sports tickets enjoy more. You've already marked "purchase Opening Day MLB baseball tickets on your calendar three months in advance. That may not be enough--some brokers have already started selling that hot Opening Day Major League Baseball ticket. It's a good idea to step up to the plate now, even before you've ordered your college baseball ticket.

Not all brokers are taking orders, so if you have a preferred broker, you can probably wait until your broker notifies you that tickets are available. But don't hesitate to claim your seats when you get the e-mail or phone call, or Blackberry alert. If you have your season ticket baseball package, you're already covered. If not, steal home and select those baseball tickets!

Can I get refunds for any baseball season tickets?

Baseball Season Ticket Refunds

It happens every time. You bought your season ticket baseball package, even placed a down payment at the box office for the Atlanta Braves or just paid in full for MLB baseball tickets through a broker. Now that you're cheering (or groaning) your way through mid season, you have to cancel or miss a game.

Most brokers don't offer refunds for sports tickets when you miss the event because of an act of God, er, your mother-in-law, or because you decided to use your college baseball ticket instead. Usually, however, brokers will try to offer partial refunds for your Major League Baseball ticket should that Red Sox game be called on account of rain. And no, you can't get a refund because the Kansas City Royals were 25-0 in the last game. It's baseball, and anything can happen.

Is it worth getting season tickets for community college baseball?

Community College Baseball

Community colleges didn't get any respect, despite Colin Powell's success at CCNY...look at his career. Similarly, community college baseball tickets have been ignored...except by CC fans and scouts for four-year colleges and universities, who also have an eye toward finding talent for the MLB.

Although no ticket broker sells baseball tickets to community college games, you can check with, say, Seward County Community College or CCNY to find an untapped season ticket baseball source that just might pay off several years from now when you're deciding which MLB baseball tickets to buy.

In terms of rewards for sports tickets, it's great to support schools that provide an affordable education for young students and invaluable educational opportunities for nontraditional and working students. Visit your local community college and buy NJCAA baseball tickets. You just might be looking at a future Secretary of State on the diamond.

Do baseball season tickets include pre-season and post-season games?

Pre-Season and Post-Season

The pre-season. Playoffs, warm-ups, the excitement of a long exciting struggle. Then, the post-season leading up to the World Series. Your season ticket baseball package includes that, right? Not always. Read your ticket broker's policies or check with the Baltimore Orioles box office, but some baseball tickets with season privileges don't include the pre-season or post-season.

You might be tempted to buy a college baseball ticket package rather than a Major League Baseball ticket, but don't miss the teams vying in the playoffs. Some brokers have a policy of first right of refusal. You shouldn't miss pre-season and post-season parties, however. Plan to celebrate (or mourn) your teams performance. Then take a break from baseball and gear up for the playoffs and the World Series!

Should I buy MLB tickets or college baseball season tickets?

MLB vs. College Baseball

A major league baseball ticket versus college baseball ticket - you can't compare the two--it's like Little League when you first started full of wonder versus high school baseball when you had a few more moves.

In terms of popularity, college baseball wasn't always the hottest of baseball tickets, but this year, ESPN decided to televise college baseball. Suddenly, season ticket baseball decisions seem harder. Get your college baseball ticket before February games start, and they won't conflict with the schedule for your MLB baseball tickets. You might even, while watching the college kids, rediscover the spark of that boy who couldn't wait for his turn to pitch.

How do I get a good price on playoffs tickets?

MLB Playoffs Tickets

Take a cue from the sellout crowd that had post-season ticket baseball packages for Game 4 of the 2005 MLB Playoffs. Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves fans screeched, shouted and waved their way through edge-of-the-seat action.

If you got your Major League Baseball ticket early, you were there to feel the rush and watch the drama unfold. If you couldn't get baseball tickets, don't be left out again. MLB baseball tickets require planning and forethought. Make sure you buy sports tickets for the NL Division, AL Division, NL Championship Series and AL Championship Series.

When you order baseball tickets for the playoffs, be sure that your broker ships at least a month in advance. Most will post the shipping date when you order your MLB baseball tickets. After all, could any Major League Baseball playoff ticket give you such incredible memories? Get your playoffs tickets now, so you can have those memories...and photos to show off!

Can I look at views from MLB stadium seats before I buy?

View From the Bleachers

You've heard of catchers who dropped balls because of the sun's glare. You sympathize--you missed a play because of solar rays. Whether it's a college baseball ticket or a Major League Baseball ticket, you always feel that you didn't get your money's worth. Help's on the way. You don't have to shred your season ticket baseball pass. Several sports guidebooks and Web sites will provide photographs of views from the various seats you're debating between. Of course, a photograph view is no substitute for sitting in those seats you chose in buying your MLB baseball tickets, but research will help you avoid possible sunspots. When you're in the stands or a luxury box, toss that catcher a pair of shades.

How can I get a bargain at a Baltimore baseball game?

Baltimore Baseball Bargain

If you plan to see a Baltimore Orioles game in the 2007 season, it will cost you between $8 and $65 for a single game and prime games will cost a bit more.

What is a prime game? Prime games are games against the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers.

If you're looking for a Baltimore baseball ticket bargain, every Tuesday, three sections of the park cost just $8: the upper reserve, left field upper box and left field upper reserve seats.

How can I get World Series tickets?

Getting to the World Series

World Series tickets are tough to get. According to Major League Baseball, Comerica Park in Detroit sold out the 10,000 tickets available to the public for the 2006 World Series in just 30 minutes. The tickets started at $90.

But World Series tickets don't have to be impossible to get. Here are some tips for getting to the big game when it's sold out.

  • Wait until the series is underway, because if the series is a blow out, you may stand a shot at snagging a ticket to a game in the city that is being swept. Check out websites, such as, where fans who lost faith in the series may be selling their seats.
  • Turn to an auction. may have some tickets for auction, but you may get frustrated by continuously being outbid. Keep trying until the bidding is out of your price range.

What can I expect to pay and how many tickets am I limited to when I buy at Wrigley Field?

Ticket Prices and Restrictions for Chicago Cubs Games

If you want to get to Wrigley Field this year to see the Chicago Cubs play, baseball tickets for the Cubs can be found on the team's website. You will pay anywhere from $8 to $67, depending upon where the seat is located and who the Cubs are playing.

Baseball fans know that every year there is a mad rush to buy tickets for the season when they first go on sale. If you want to buy enough baseball tickets for the entire season when they first go on sale, beware you may be limited to how many you can purchase. For example, between Feb. 23 and Feb. 25, Chicago Cubs fans can only purchase six tickets per game and 42 tickets total from the Wrigley Field box office.

How much will Fenway Park tickets cost me?

2007 Fenway Park Tickets

If you want to nab Fenway Park tickets for the 2007 Red Sox season, you will pay between $12 to $105 for regular seats and from $100 to more than $300 for premium seating, such as behind home plate. And there is a limit to eight tickets per person per game.

If you want tickets to the super hot and already sold-out Red Sox/Yankees games, you may have to get creative. Here are some ideas:

  • Go to websites, such as and, where you can buy second-hand tickets through other fans in your area or by auction
  • Go to Fenway Park the day of the game and stand in line at Gate C, which usually sells tickets an hour before each game. You may be able to snag one. It may be standing room-only, but at least you will be inside.

What are my options for baseball season tickets?

Baseball Season Tickets Come in Many Sizes

So you want to buy season tickets, but you can't afford to pay for an entire season? No problem. Baseball season tickets come in many sizes. Each team offers its own plans, which vary in size and price. There are full plans, half plans, mini plans and even 10-game plans.

For example, you can buy a full season plan, mini-season plan or 29 game plan with the Baltimore Orioles. The lowest price for a full season plan is $993. An example of a mini season plan is tickets to Sunday games only and the lowest price for that plan is $169.

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays offers a full season plan, half season plans, 20-game plans and 10-game plans. The lowest price for a full season plan is $625 for a seat on the upper deck. To sit on the upper deck for 10 games, it will cost you $95; to sit in the field side box for 10 games, it will cost you $920.

Go to to find out about your favorite team's season tickets.

How much are regular seats to an Angels baseball game?

Angels Baseball Tickets

Los Angeles Angels baseball tickets go on sale in March each year. Here's how you can get tickets:

  • By phone: Call Ticketmaster to charge tickets via Mastercard, VISA or American Express at (714) 663-9000.
  • In person: buy tickets at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim ticket office
  • At a ticket outlet: buy them at any local Ticketmaster outlet including Macy's, Wherehouse music, and Ritmo Latino stores throughout the Los Angeles and Orange Counties
Tickets will cost you between $9 (left field seat) and $60 (dugout MVP seat), depending on where your seat is located. Premium baseball tickets will cost you between $34 (club loge seat) and $125 (diamond MVP seat).

Where can I sell my baseball tickets?

Where to Sell Your Baseball Tickets

If you are looking to sell baseball tickets, here are some places you can go:

  • an independent marketplace where fans buy and sell tickets (recently bought by eBay)
  • list your tickets on eBay, but know that you will have to pay a list fee and another fee when your tickets are sold (fees depend on how much you list and sell items for)
  • - local classifieds for 450 cities worldwide
  • - offers three opportunities to buy tickets: through a ticket broker, from Ticketmaster or from individuals
  • - a database of hard-to-find tickets listed by brokers and individuals. Offers 1.5 million tickets to 36,000 events

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