Community College Baseball

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Is it worth getting season tickets for community college baseball?

Community College Baseball

Community colleges didn't get any respect, despite Colin Powell's success at CCNY...look at his career. Similarly, community college baseball tickets have been ignored...except by CC fans and scouts for four-year colleges and universities, who also have an eye toward finding talent for the MLB.

Although no ticket broker sells baseball tickets to community college games, you can check with, say, Seward County Community College or CCNY to find an untapped season ticket baseball source that just might pay off several years from now when you're deciding which MLB baseball tickets to buy.

In terms of rewards for sports tickets, it's great to support schools that provide an affordable education for young students and invaluable educational opportunities for nontraditional and working students. Visit your local community college and buy NJCAA baseball tickets. You just might be looking at a future Secretary of State on the diamond.



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