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What is IMAX?

The IMAX Experience

So your friend asks you if you want to check out an IMAX movie this weekend, but you have no idea what an IMAX movie is. Here's the run-down on IMAX movies to keep you in the know:

  • IMAX (which stands for Image Maximum) movies offer the ultimate movie viewing experience
  • The movie is shown in crystal clear images and the screens are typically about 72 feet long and 52 feet wide.
  • Because the screen is so big, you will not see other movie-goers, seats, or the walls of the theater. When you stare ahead you will likely see nothing but the screen. It will feel as if you are inside the movie.
  • You will hear the movie on wrap-around digital surround sound.
  • Expect to find high action, nature and space films made specifically for IMAX theaters because of the rich experience they will give you with IMAX technology
  • Though some IMAX theaters have the ability to show conventional Hollywood 35 mm films, IMAX warns they will not be shown in IMAX quality because the movies were not originally made with IMAX technology and for IMAX screens.
IMAX movie tickets will usually cost you between $6.50 and $11.

Is there any baby friendly movie theaters?

Baby Friendly Movie Theaters

If you are a new parent who thought you would never watch another movie, National Amusements has come to your rescue. The company, which operates 1,500 movie screens in the U.S., U.K., Latin America and Russia, has created a program called "Baby Pictures" that allows new parents to buy movie tickets again because they can see movies with babies in tow.

The theater usually picks a slow day of the week and the movies are shown during the day. Here is how the movie theater is baby friendly:

  • Dim lighting in the theater so you can tend to baby
  • Movie volume is lower for babies' sensitive ears
  • Baby changing stations
  • Stroller check outside movie entrance
  • Food cart for parents

How can I earn free movie tickets at Regal Theaters?

Earn Free Movie Tickets at Regal Theaters

You're going to the movies every weekend anyway. So why not earn credits toward free movies while doing it?

Buy Regal movie tickets and earn points towards free movies and refreshments. All you have to do is become a member of the Regal Crown Club and make sure you go to the movies at a Regal Theater. Here's how it works:

  1. Become a member at any Regal Entertainment Group Theater or online. You must be 13 years or older.
  2. You will receive one credit per dollar spent on tickets at a Regal box office. You will earn two extra credits when you buy something from the concession stand.
  3. To earn your credits, you must present your membership card when you buy tickets or food.
  4. You can earn a maximum of 12 credits per card per day
  5. When you earn 40 credits, you can redeem them for a small popcorn; 120 credits will get you a free Regal movie ticket
  6. Once you earn 120 credits, you will have "star status" and can take advantage of extra credit Thursdays that will give you five credits just for going to a movie on a Thursday. as well as other special bonuses.
Your credits will never delete or expire. But there is a downside. You cannot use your Regal membership for online ticket purchases. There are some other restrictions so check the Regal website so you are familiar with all the rules and restrictions before applying for membership.

Can my company receive discount movie tickets?

Movie Discounts for Corporations

If you are a company that wants to reward its employees with movie tickets, go to The company, which provides discounted movie tickets to employees of companies who join, was founded in 1995 as a Corporate Movie Club. In 2001, it added more forms of entertainment to its repertoire.

Companies can join for free and save up to 43 percent off box office prices by purchasing movie tickets in advance. Tickets are good at any theater nationwide, including AMC and Regal theaters, and for a year. Some restrictions may apply. Tickets are mailed within one to two business days and can be used immediately upon receipt.

More than 5,500 companies and 2 million employees take advantage of Working Advantages discount services. It's worth talking to your employer to see if your company can sign up for discounts, too.

What is the benefit of buying Fandango movie tickets?

Buying Tickets Through Fandango

Fandango is the nation's largest movie ticket service. It sells tickets to about 1,300 theaters and 15,000 screens.

Fandango movie tickets are easy and convenient to buy. The three conveniences Fandango offers you as a movie goer are: advance movie tickets, ticket pick-up at kiosks and home printing of your movie ticket.

Here is more about these special Fandango privileges, courtesy of

  • Advance ticketing: buy tickets up to 45 days in advance at or Buy tickets up to 72 hours in advance by calling (800) FANDANGO.
  • Ticket pick up kiosks: no more waiting in line at the box office if you go to a Fandango-wired theater. Just go to the Fandango kiosk located at the theater and pick up your tickets.
  • Print-at-home ticketing: available for 175 theaters in 100 cities nationwide. Print your bar-coded ticket at home or at work and present it directly to the ticket-taker at the theater. Once again, this enables you to bypass box office lines.

Where can I get discount movie tickets?

Entertainment Book Offers Discounted Movie Tickets

If you invest in an entertainment book, you will have coupons at your fingertips for discounted movie tickets as well as discounted dining, shopping and traveling tickets.

The popular "Entertainment Book" costs between $25 and $45, depending upon the city the book is for. Inside are pages and pages of discounted items and 2-for-1 deals. There are 156 editions to accommodate different cities. For example, the New York City "Entertainment" costs $32 and has $19,100 in savings on various events, goods and services. The San Diego "Entertainment" costs $47 and has $20,900 in savings inside. See your favorite movies in any of the cities where the book is sold by ripping out the coupons that can get you into your local theaters for as little as $5.50. The book will get you AMC movie tickets for just $6.00, which is less than the regular price of movies today (up to $9 or more, depending on the theater).

If you are a frequent movie goer, this book will pay for itself very quickly. Go to to see if there is a book available for the city you live in or a city you are visiting to take advantage of movie ticket discounts.

How can a parent monitor a child's movie watching?

Parents Monitoring Kids at the Movies

If your teenager is buying movie tickets every weekend and you are concerned about the content of the movies he or she is seeing, it might help you to refamiliarize yourself with the movie rating system. You should know that there is concern among experts that the PG-13 rated movies of today are too racy for kids.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, PG-13 movies today have content in them that was rated R a decade ago. So, if parents want to stay informed about their kids' movie-watching habits, they should brush up on the rating system and make a point of asking their kids what they are going to see.

Here is a recap of the movie rating system, courtesy of The National Association of Theatre Owners.

Rated G: general audiences. All ages admitted. There is no bad language or nudity or anything to give parents concern

Rated PG: parental guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children.

Rated PG-13: parents strongly cautioned. Material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

Rated R: restricted. Kids under 17 need to be with a parent or guardian to get in. Movies may include bad language, violence, drug use and nudity.

Rated NC-17: No children under 17 should be admitted. May contain explicit sex scenes and excessive violence.

The movie rating system is a voluntary system sponsored by the Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners. It is up to parents to stay on top of what their kids are watching because the movie theaters may or may not enforce the system when it comes to letting underage kids inside.

Experts say parents should be educated about today's movies by reading movie reviews so they know what content their children are going to see.

Where can I go online to buy movie tickets?

Buy Movie Tickets Online at

One of the hottest places to purchase movie tickets online is The site has enjoyed 3.5 million visitors per month, according to Forbes. It's a place that offers much more than movie tickets. It makes the movie experience more convenient and fun. And here's why:

  • Users can buy movie tickets, access local show time and theater information, view trailers, read reviews, listen to podcasts and more
  • Buy movie tickets online for more than 80 theater trains across the United States
  • Simply log on, select a theater, movie and time and buy tickets using your credit card
  • You can email tickets to friends and family members
  • Enjoy promotional and sweepstakes offers
  • Receive a weekly email newsletter
  • Get invited to free movie screenings
  • Print your movie tickets at home

How can I buy movie tickets for cheap?

Buying Movie Tickets for Cheap

The price of movie tickets or cinema tickets has climbed steadily for the past century. For example, in 1910, it cost just 7 cents to see a movie; in 1970, $1.55; in 1990 $4.23 and in 2007 it will cost an average of $6.58 to see your favorite stars on the big screen, according to, an online movie publication and box office reporting service.

Therefore, it's no surprise that folks are always looking for a discount. Here's how to get movie tickets for cheaper, according to, a website dedicated to finding consumers good deals:

  • Go to a matinee. By going to a movie before 5 p.m., you can get up to half off your ticket price.
  • See if the company you work for has a corporate program with one of the big movie theater companies so you can get a corporate rate.
  • If you are self-employed, look into getting discounted movie tickets through the National Association for the Self Employed
  • Sometimes institutions such as credit unions, business associations and schools will offer you movie tickets for a discounted price if you belong to them

How can I find out about senior citizen discounts at the movies?

Senior Citizen Discounts at the Movies

If you are a senior citizen who enjoys going to the movies, make sure you take advantage of senior citizen discounts at the movie theaters. Senior discounts, in general, are often underadvertised. An easy way to see how much you can save is by going to and plugging in your city and state or zip code. Find the movie theater you would like to go to and it will list the age required to get a senior citizen discount and how many dollars off a regular movie ticket you will receive.

If you do not have access to a computer and are over 55 years old, inquire at the movie theater about senior citizen discounts. There is sure to be a deal waiting for you.

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