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Should I buy hospitality tickets for the US Open?

US Open Hospitality Tickets

A little Gatorade, a cooler and an umbrella, as well as sturdy walking shoes. That's all you need to enjoy the 2006 US Open, right? Wrong. With concession fees off the scale (maybe thanks to player endorsements?), you don't want to wait in line for a $6.00 hot dog.

Hospitality US Open tickets, like hospitality Masters tickets and PGA Tour tickets, are just what the avid golfer needs. You can get cold poached salmon and Caesar salad in hospitality tents as well as the more traditional chips, pretzels, hamburgers and hot dogs. Don't forget the beer and iced tea! Your golf ticket broker will typically strive to find you hospitality badges even with sold-out tournaments.

We especially recommend buying access to the hospitality tent if you're walking the grounds from six a.m. to six p.m. Besides, you didn't want to lug that cooler around anyway--it gets in the way when you're getting Tiger's autograph.

Is there reserved seating at the US Open?

US Open Reserved Seating

You want to avoid the crowds--you're always at the airport eight hours early. So while you're planning your purchase of golf tickets, you wonder if you can buy reserved seating US Open golf tickets. While your broker or Ticketmaster will try to get you the best view of the seventeenth green, in most cases there is no reserved seating for people buying US Open golf tickets. It's typically first come first serve.

If you want to plunk your golf-shorts-clad (please, we pray, no plaid) self into a grandstand seat, you don't have to get up while the course is still dark. Get to the course before the earliest tee time and yell "Fore" if you have to push someone out of your preferred seat. Just remember, the ticket broker won't guarantee you a reserved seat, so you may have a bigger shootout than Tiger Woods and Fuzzy Zoeller. Don't hang around the airport afterwards--even with security checkpoints, you still have time to enjoy the Sunday night celebrations of the greatest game ever played.

What are the best Senior PGA Tour tickets?

Senior PGA Tour deals

You can use aging makeup, but if you can't remember who Jack Nicklaus is or recall Chi Chi Rodriguez, forget about that senior discount. In fact, given that the musical act in July 2005 was the Goo Goo Dolls, you may want to buy a golf ticket, senior discount or not.

What are the best deals on senior PGA Tour tickets? The advance fee for a Grounds Pass was $85. The challenging TPC course at Dearborn, Michigan, gave Peter Jacobsen more anxious moments than you trying to get the early bird discount (you're young and struggling). That's a bargain deal on championship golf tickets. But what about the 2006 championship? Ticket brokers aren't even selling those in the fall of 2005. You can buy them directly from Oak Tree Golf Club--grounds passes and Trophy Club golf tickets are just $100 apart, which you may not be able to buy when you're young and hungry.

Grab a grandparent or parent. Offer to mow the lawn for the rest of your life. Fix the computer--on second thought, your grandpa is a maestro. How do you get great Senior PGA Tour tickets? Respect your elders.

Why can't I find LPGA tickets through my ticket broker?

Finding LPGA Tickets

You're excited about Michelle Wie, golf prodigy, and Annika Sorenstam. You want LPGA Tour golf tickets as well as PGA Tour golf tickets. But when you go to your ticket broker, you can only find US Open Golf Tickets and Masters golf tickets. Is this a slam against women? Not at all.

Your particular ticket broker may not have distaff PGA Tour golf tickets. Ask your broker to notify you when tickets are available--set up an e-mail alert on the Web site. Or you can buy McDonald's LPGA Championship tickets directly from the office in Maryland. You can get a Hall of Fame Season Pass for $70.

Bear in mind that brokers have their own gift packages for LPGA golf tickets as well as Masters golf tickers and US Open golf tickets. Keep checking your ticket broker site. If you're nervous that the tour will be sold out, you have reason: The McDonald's Championship is the second biggest tournament and second longest-running tournament in the LPGA. Book early. These girls rock!

Will I miss much if I buy cheaper grounds tickets?

Grounds Golf Tickets

You've heard of bleacher creatures in baseball. The grounds guys and gals in golf prefer to frequent the grounds--no hotel packages and VIP entry golf tickets required. Can you get the full PGA Tour experience from grounds-only PGA Tour golf tickets? The short answer is yes, but only if you're willing to set up early before the seven a.m. tee-off time. You may not know the course, which means you'll have to do arrive early and do some scouting, or check out the course online.

Some golf course guides will tell you where the best viewing is. This grounds gal remembers jockeying for position with a Grounds badge and squeezing through lines to get a good view of Justin Leonard. If you just enjoy trailing after your favorite players and trying to catch a glimpse, grounds privileges in Masters golf tickets are ideal for you.

Just make sure that when you buy your golf ticket through the box office or an online ticket broker, you're getting a good price for grounds privileges. Note that 6-day grounds privileges are half the price of a full clubhouse golf ticket package. Sunday, the big finale, can cost you $1,000. If you still want to do the grounds crawl, put on your sunscreen, get your hat, and leave your worries on your doorstep...especially if your doorstep happens to be on the first tee.

Is weather insurance available with US Open golf tickets?

Weather Insurance?

Rain, rain, go away, we want to attend the US Open today! Will your US Open tickets include a rain check? Although the phrase "rain check" originates from baseball, golf games get rained out too. Some ticket brokers will sell you weather insurance, whether you're buying Masters golf tickets, US Open golf tickets, or regular PGA Tour golf tickets.

Insurance allows you to recoup your golf ticket loss in the event of rain. However, because all brokers have to answer to the demands of sellers, not all brokers feature weather insurance. Some brokers will attempt to refund at least part of the price you paid to be a VIP. Also, if Justin Leonard plays even one hole and then has to run for cover, the weather insurance is void, rather like you leaving your new XS2 laptop out on the deck before a rainstorm. You'll be out the entire price of your golf tickets. Let's hope you're not drenched. Rain, rain, go away...but in the meaning, investigate weather insurance for your US Open golf tickets.

Are PGA ticket lines exasperating and should I just book online?

PGA Tour Ticket Lines

If you're aiming for the green but your club is angled toward the sand trap, you'll hit the sand trap. The same goes for buying PGA Tour tickets by standing in line at Medinah Country Club, Illinois in August 2006. If you're queuing up on August 13, you'll still be searching for your ball in a water hazard. 1-stroke penalty!

Get the "drop" on the tickets. A season pass golf ticket package is $300 if you buy directly from the championship golf ticket office. You'll pay $400-$450 for individual practice round golf tickets. Some ticket brokers don't have PGA Tour golf tickets for the 2006 championships, but they do offer Masters golf tickets and Ryder Cup golf tickets. Again, you're aiming toward the sand trap if you want tickets for August. If you can hold out, watch your favorite online golf tickets brokers and grab those tickets early! Don't neglect to keep your club pointed at the target, and don't choke.

How much does it cost to see a PGA Golf Championship?

Tickets to PGA Golf Championships

PGA golf tickets to the 2007 Senior PGA Championship and 2007 PGA Championship can be ordered through the PGA website.

The 2007 Senior PGA Championship will take place on The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort from May 22 to May 27. You should know that ticket prices increase by 50 percent starting May 1. Here is the type of PGA golf tickets you can buy and how much they will cost you:

  • Practice round tickets cost $10.50.
  • Grounds tickets will cost you between $21 and $26. And if you are a member of the military if you buy one grounds ticket, you can get one free with proper identification.
  • For grounds access plus admission into the Ocean Club (an open air pavilion with a sports club atmosphere), it will cost you between $21 and $53. There is a limit of 500 of these tickets available per day and you must buy them before May 1.
  • If you have the money to spend, buy a Champions Club ticket. The Champions Club includes food and beverages in the private dining area and spectacular views of the 17th hole of the championship course, as well as the Atlantic Ocean. You will pay between $700 to $1,400 for two depending on the day. And for four tickets and weekly packages, the prices total several thousand dollars.

How can I get Ryder Cup tickets?

Ryder Cup 2008 Tickets by Random Drawing

If it's your dream to attend the Ryder Cup at the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky in 2008, then you must register with the PGA and then cross your fingers that your name gets pulled in the random drawing. Or you can shop ticket brokers, which will get you in for an increased price, but you may find a great deal if you start shopping early.

Register for your tickets now at the PGA website. Ticket prices will be announced in June, according to a PGA representative, and you will find out if your name was drawn in September. For more information, check the PGA's website.

How can I get tickets to the U.S. Open?

Getting U.S. Open Golf Tickets

The US Open has sold out for the past 20 years. And the 2007 US Open Golf Tournament at the Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania is no different. Know how to apply well ahead of time with the United States Golf Association to better your chances of going in upcoming years. And if you want to go this year, shop around with different ticket brokers to see how much you can get a ticket for. Here's how to do both:

  • Call the United States Golf Association at (800) 698-0661 or email You will have to apply for the limited tickets available and they will be given out on a first-come first-serve basis. You can apply online. Tickets cost $35 for practice rounds and $95 for championship rounds.
  • Turn to online ticket brokers for the chance to buy sold out US Open golf tickets this year.

When and where are future U.S. Open golf tournaments?

U.S. Open Golf Tournament Schedule

If you are planning on attending a U.S. Open golf tournament in the future, here is a golf tournament schedule that shows the dates and places of each tournament from 2007 to 2013:

  • 2007: Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Penn. June 11-17
  • 2008: Torrey Pines Golf Course (South Course) in San Diego, Calif. June 9-15
  • 2009: Bethpage State Park in Farmingdale, N.Y. June 15-21
  • 2010: Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, Calif. June 14-20
  • 2011: Congressional Country Club (Blue Course) in Bethesda, Md. June 13-19
  • 2012: Olympic Club in San Francisco, Calif. June 11-17
  • 2013: Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, Penn. June 10-16

How can I get Masters practice round tickets?

Masters Practice Round Tickets

If you have tried in vain to get Masters golf tournament tickets, you just might be able to go see some practice rounds. Practice rounds occur Monday through Wednesday of Masters week. Practice round tickets, though still difficult to get, are much easier to obtain. Here is how you can get some:

  • Through the Masters Tournament itself. Get on the practice round mailing list by sending your name, address, daytime phone number, email address and social security number to: Masters Tournament, Practice Rounds, P.O. Box 2047, Augusta, GA 30903-2047. The Masters will send you an application. Once approved, the applications are chosen on a random basis. Applications for the 2008 practice rounds will be mailed in June 2007 to people who applied in either 2006 or 2007. The deadline for 2008 applicants is July 15, 2007.
  • Go to online ticket brokers
  • Use online auction sites, such as eBay. There are usually plenty of scalpers on the streets in Augusta during the practice rounds if you want to take your chances with them on the day of the event. But, expect to pay big money.

What are the rules I must follow when I buy a Masters badge?

Returning Masters Badges

Experts say Masters golf tickets are among the most coveted and hard-to-get sporting event tickets in the world. Perhaps that's why the tickets -- which are actually badges -- have strict rules attached to them.

For example, if you order sold-out Masters badges from an online ticket broker such as or, you will have to return those badges or face steep fines. will charge you $500 if you don't return a badge. Other brokers, such as and, may charge you as much as $3,000 if you don't return a badge.

When you are dealing with this much money, make sure you do business with a reputable broker. Make sure the broker is a member of both the Better Business Bureau and the National Association of Ticket Brokers. Companies, such as, make it very clear what their rules are for Masters golf tickets. Here is what they are:

  • If you buy a Masters badge for a single day, you must pick it up and return it to the company's on-site location in Augusta the same day. If you lose a badge or do not return it, you will be charged a $500 penalty by
  • Four-day badges will be sent to you via Fed Ex. but you must return it via Fed Ex or UPS at the end of the week or face a $500 penalty.
Note: practice round tickets are actually tickets, not badges, and do not have to be returned.

Should I buy my 2006 US Open golf tickets now?

2006 US Open Golf Tickets

Golf. It's where the boys and girls are. There's Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie. And the US Open in Mamaroneck, NY, has a killer package, but you better buy now or you won't get a hole-in-one. In general, the US Open is typically sold out and if you're traveling from Seattle to use your US Open Golf Tickets, a package deal may be your best bet. You don't want to miss pro-ams, parties and a guaranteed room for seven nights.

The price can run $5,000, but those golf tickets are typically all-inclusive. And if you're booking for 2007, a 3-star golf ticket is $4,300 just in case you're wiped out from buying Masters golf tickets. So book your US Open Golf Tickets now. If you choose a ticket broker for the transaction, you may still be able to get packages at the last minute, but don't count on it. You want to be where the boys and girls are.

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