Grounds Golf Tickets

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Will I miss much if I buy cheaper grounds tickets?

Grounds Golf Tickets

You've heard of bleacher creatures in baseball. The grounds guys and gals in golf prefer to frequent the grounds--no hotel packages and VIP entry golf tickets required. Can you get the full PGA Tour experience from grounds-only PGA Tour golf tickets? The short answer is yes, but only if you're willing to set up early before the seven a.m. tee-off time. You may not know the course, which means you'll have to do arrive early and do some scouting, or check out the course online.

Some golf course guides will tell you where the best viewing is. This grounds gal remembers jockeying for position with a Grounds badge and squeezing through lines to get a good view of Justin Leonard. If you just enjoy trailing after your favorite players and trying to catch a glimpse, grounds privileges in Masters golf tickets are ideal for you.

Just make sure that when you buy your golf ticket through the box office or an online ticket broker, you're getting a good price for grounds privileges. Note that 6-day grounds privileges are half the price of a full clubhouse golf ticket package. Sunday, the big finale, can cost you $1,000. If you still want to do the grounds crawl, put on your sunscreen, get your hat, and leave your worries on your doorstep...especially if your doorstep happens to be on the first tee.



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Buck said:

Are the ground ticket holders able to walk from tee to tee


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