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What does it cost to see a Villanova basketball game?

Villanova Basketball Tickets

If you want to get Villanova basketball tickets, they will cost you about $25 for the mezzanine level and approximately $35 for the lower level at the Wachovia Center in south Philadephia.

This year, the men's basketball team played five home games and you can typically buy a 5-game package for $100 to $150. Of course, the prices vary each year.

The basketball tickets are available through or by calling (800) 298-4200.

Should I buy Philadelphia 76ers tickets?

Philadelphia 76ers Tickets

76ers fans have been cautious since these powerhouses from Philly lost out after the Eastern Conference Finals. But don't hand back that cheese steak and those sports tickets yet. Basketball fans with the inside ticket say that a new coach may take the 76ERS to the NBA Finals, so buy your NBA basketball tickets for Wachovia Center in Pennsylvania. Other reasons not to cancel your basketball tickets for other teams:

  • Don't let Latrell Sprewell's choking spree turn you off the Timberwolves--we still love Marbury. And there's draft pick Rashad McCants. Focus on the team, not the jersey.
  • Jay Leno may have made fun of the Clippers, but this underdog team actually had a better season than the Lakers, so you can buy seats at the Staples Center...assuming you can find good seats. Your ticket broker can help you.
  • Don't let NCAA basketball tickets and the Final Four college basketball tickets interfere--remember, these young guys still have to prove themselves! Can they handle the fame?
  • Let's forgive Ron Artest, who's back with the Indiana Pacers, and welcome back Jermaine O'Neal--but stay away if the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers stage a repeat performance of the Detroit riots in 2004. Whether you're buying basketball tickets with hope for Philadelphia Freedom or a change of Pacers, give your favorite team a second chance.

How do I get tickets if my favorite player is retiring?

NBA Retirement

NBA retirement--is it the kiss of death for athletes? Not unless they play golf, or unless they studied hard in school without getting caught up in how many people bought NCAA basketball tickets. But no matter what, you can't miss the end of a successful career. Now retirement celebrations with college basketball tickets--that's another story. Athletics aren't everything, but you can't refuse the Gatorade before you've just begun.

We hear Indiana Pacers star Reggie Miller is retiring next year. Pacers fans can buy sports tickets to celebrate Miller's successful run--check with your broker for basketball tickets. Miller's ceremony is March 30, 2006 at the Conseco Fieldhouse. You can see the Phoenix Suns face off against the Pacers. Let's hope Miller's career ends with a Pacers win. But Miller's life is something to celebrate anyway. He overcame birth defects, splayed feet, and learned to walk by age five. Now, at the end of a vigorous basketball career, he's responsible for keeping the Pacers going after the 2004 riot involving Ron Artest, Jermaine O'Neal and Stephen Jackson. He's retiring at the age of 40 and getting standing ovations.

Tip for those of you planning to attend your player's retirement: NBA players usually retire in their 30s. If you have a young rookie, don't buy your sports tickets too soon. But do get your tickets to honor Reggie Miller.

What are some tips for getting good ACC tickets?

ACC Tickets Out of Reach?

Duke vs. St. John University--'nuff said. No, wait. Duke versus Wake Forest. Florida State versus Wake Forest.

Sports tickets for the ACC are in demand among regular holders of college basketball tickets. So how do you, the novice ACC fan, get good ACC basketball tickets? Sadly, ACC tournament tickets haven't been on sale to the public since 1966. Basketball tickets get distributed to the 11 schools, and fans contact Duke, Wake Forest, Temple, or Boston College directly.

If you're an alumni, a student or a benefactor, you get preference. If you're not, you may be better off waiting for Final Four NCAA basketball tickets.

But wait. Ticket brokers do sell ACC tournament tickets, bought from colleges or from fans like you. Query your ticket broker for basketball tickets to the 2006 ACC Men's Basketball Championship. In the meantime, don't forget to start following Duke--unless you're a St. John University "Redmen" or Red Storm fan.

Can I buy women's ACC basketball tickets?

Women's ACC Basketball Tickets

Women's basketball has come a long way, baby! Now NCAA basketball tickets are in vogue, thanks to the WNBA, a strong force in NBA basketball tickets. Those women are the hottest female sports tickets since Martina Navratilova. But are you going to have to duke it out in a girl-fight to get ACC basketball tickets for women's match-ups?

You'll have to reserve your Lady ACC basketball tickets before March, especially since the Lady Blue Devils are already the top seed in the pre-season in 2005-2006, followed by North Carolina and Maryland--prime sports tickets for women's basketball fans. Show your support for girl power and buy college basketball tickets for future stars of the WNBA!

Should I listen to what NBA fans say?

NBA Fans Opinions on Seating

NBA fans. They can be out of control, although not nearly as undisciplined and capricious as the players. Jay Leno quipped, "Last night Kobe scored thirty-three times in Colorado -- and that was all on the court!" There's no question that those who pay for sports tickets, NCAA basketball tickets, college basketball tickets, and NBA tickets have bleacher-born insight the players don't have--other than Dennis Rodman, who used to sweep the court before he became the shock jock of basketball. So what should you know before buying NBA basketball tickets? A fan sampling:

  • NBA basketball tickets for the America West Arena generally give you good views from most places but the seating is expensive and cramped when you watch the Phoenix Suns.
  • It's hard to get Knicks basketball tickets at a good price, but for a NY fan, you can't beat Madison Square Garden. You can actually get half price sports tickets at TKTS in Times Square. The 400 level seats are the nosebleed seats.
  • The Palace at Auburn Hills, MI has great views from every seat so you can watch the Detroit Pistons (just don't riot like fans did in 2004.)
  • The Staples Center is "the mother of all arenas," but some fans say "go for the event, not the arena," because ordinary fans are shoehorned behind the three rows of luxury seats.

There's no doubt that NBA basketball fans are vocal about everything from NBA basketball tickets to who's getting traded, but if you get to a game, you'll be sitting with them--so respect what they say. Unless your seatmate free-throws a cell phone at a player.

Will I have difficulty getting WNBA seats?

Great WNBA seats

Will you have more difficulty getting women's NBA basketball tickets now that Sheryl Swoopes has attracted even more attention? Not so. Swoopes has always attracted attention as a three-time MVP for the Houston Comets. When the WNBA is in the pre-season, you should put yourself on your ticket broker's mailing list for professional basketball tickets, because Air Swoopes and Lisa Leslie are hot, hot, hot.

Women's college basketball tickets might allow you to spot the next Sheryl Swoopes, will fill the void, so buy lady NCAA basketball tickets and wait for the WNBA stars of tomorrow. In the meantime, when you're waiting for your sports tickets, you won't miss La Swoopes...she's everywhere!

What are some hints about ticket buying from ACC fans?

ACC Fans Talk about Tickets

When you're buying NBA basketball tickets or ACC basketball tickets, you can listen to your broker or your bookie, but don't neglect the fans. They have some choice things to say about buying college basketball tickets. Some fans comments (paraphrased):

  • Clemson fans are the most loyal, even if their team may not always succeed. Don't be afraid to be stuck in the Clemson section by accident.
  • If you buy sports tickets for a basketball match played at FSU, Seminole fans will actually thank away team fans for coming.
  • UVA fans, don't forget to buy ACC basketball tickets and support your team, even for away games!
  • Fans posting on extol the virtues of University of Georgia's Sanford Stadium--the sideline chairs are actually said to be comfortable and the students have their own section. Seats have a lot of leg room too and great views of the Bulldogs. That said, it has some real "nose-bleed" seats, according to one reviewer.

Listen to feedback from the people who actually buy college basketball tickets and keep the teams playing. Your broker may be able to give you a seating chart, but the fans can tell you what it's like to sit in that seat--although some brokers are fans too and will provide their reviews and tips. Treasure those brokers as fellow fans.

What will I spend for Duke basketball tickets I buy through a ticket broker?

Duke Basketball Tickets: Hot, Hot, Hot

Some sporting events seem impossible to get into. For example, if you want Duke basketball tickets, season tickets and individual tickets for the 2006-2007 season are sold out. In fact, the university doesn't offer much hope for even buying tickets next season. It says to call its office in September to find out "if and when" 2007-2008 tickets will go sale. This doesn't sound very promising if you want to take in a Blue Devils game in the next two years.

When events are sold out, your best chance of getting in is to go through a ticket broker. Be prepared to spend more money but you can still find a deal, relatively speaking. Ticket brokers, such as are selling tickets as expensive as $2,200. has expensive tickets and also some relatively inexpensive tickets that hover around $100. is selling seats for between $320 and $1,640. Shop around for tickets in the price range you can afford.

And, in case you want to call Duke in September about 2007-2008 tickets, the number is (877) 375-DUKE.

How much will it cost to see the Fighting Illini play?

Illinois Basketball Tickets

To see the Fighting Illini play, it will cost you between $21 and $31, depending on where you sit and who they are playing.

For Illinois basketball tickets to away games, you will have to get in touch with the host team's venue to check availability for that game. And if you would like season tickets, you must put your name on a waiting list.

Contact information for Illinois basketball tickets can be found at

Can I get a group rate to see the Ohio State Buckeyes basketball game?

Ohio State Buckeye Basketball Tickets

If you want to bring a group to check out an Ohio State Buckeyes basketball game, you should know that the school does not offer group rates. Single game Ohio State basketball tickets can be ordered by calling (614) 292-2624 or going online. Tickets will cost you between $14 and $26. For students, tickets are $13 and faculty and staff pay $19.50.

What is the NBA All-Star Jam Session?

The NBA All-Star Jam Session

The NBA All-Star Game is being held in February this year. If you can't get NBA All-Star game tickets, you can still get the NBA All-Star experience by getting tickets to the NBA All-Star Jam Session.

The Jam Session, the NBA's five-day interactive basketball-theme park, will take place at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

The Jam Session park features 400,000 square feet of basketball action. There are more than 30 attractions, including a place where fans can compare their hand and shoe sizes with their favorite players and a spot where fans can compete against friends at on-court skills challenges. NBA players are also present.

Ticket prices are on the NBA's website.

What are the cheapest NBA tickets I can get?

Cheap NBA Tickets

According to Team Marketing Report (TMR), a leading publisher of information for the sports marketing industry, NBA ticket prices have increased by an average of 3.6 percent to $47.20. However, you don't necessarily have to pay that much. Wouldn't you rather spend $10 or less to see your favorite team play? Well, you can.

The NBA will sell 1.7 million tickets for $10 or less during the 2006-2007 season, according to TMR. The NBA has offered these discounted seats since 1998. Some teams even sell seats for less than $10. The cheapest NBA ticket is the $2 ticket you can buy to see the Dallas Mavericks. The Indiana Pacers have a $4 ticket and many other teams have $5 seats.

What will NBA season tickets do for me?

Be VIP With NBA Season Tickets

If you are willing to pay for NBA season tickets, chances are you love basketball. And basketball will love you back if you are a season ticket holder. NBA season tickets can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. But take a look at the VIP treatment you will receive as, say, a Boston Celtics season ticket holder.

Boston Celtics season ticket holders pay anywhere from $774 to $11,825 for full season tickets for one person, depending on whether they are cheap seats or courtside. Here is what season tickets for the Celtics will buy you:

  • A family BBQ: a chance for fans to mingle with past and present players at the Celtics practice facility
  • Access to open practices
  • Concierge services (access to TD Banknorth Garden events, dinner reservations at local restaurants, access to on court promotions and more)
  • The ability to purchase individual game tickets and playoff tickets at season ticket holder prices
  • 15 percent off Celtics gear
  • Complimentary jumbotron messages for family and friends

How can I get NCAA Final Four tickets?

NCAA Final Four Tickets

March Madness, the month-long NCAA basketball tournament to determine the college champion, culminates with the "Final Four" -- the final four teams left standing. NCAA Final Four tickets are hard to come by. 2007 tickets are sold out, according to the NCAA. If you don't want to pay for tickets through a ticket broker, you can wait until next year and be sure to jump on the tickets when they go on sale.

How can I find out if an NCAA basketball March Madness game is sold out?

About March Madness

March Madness is the big NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Tournament that takes place every March to determine the national champion. It starts with 64 college basketball teams and the games are divided up into rounds.

To find out if a round is sold out or if NCAA basketball tickets are still available, go to Expect to spend between $100 and $300 on a ticket if a game isn't sold out.

How much will Los Angeles Lakers tickets cost?

Los Angeles Lakers Tickets

Are you looking to attend a basketball game? Perhaps you are spending time in Los Angeles and want to see Kobe Bryant up close. Here are the ways you can get tickets to the Los Angeles Lakers and what it will cost you on average, courtesy of

  • At Ticketmaster locations
  • At Staples Center box office
  • Online at
  • By calling (800) 4NBA-TIX
  • By going to "Ticket Exchange" on to buy from season ticket holders who wish to sell their tickets directly to the public
Tickets will cost you between $20 and $220, depending on where you sit. Groups of 20 or more can get in for $20 to $26 per person on select game days.

What are some tips for getting good ACC tickets?

Good ACC Tickets

College basketball fans who love sports tickets say that ACC basketball tickets are the most highly prized of all the NCAA basketball tickets you can buy. It's important to get in and get your basketball tickets early--just like NBA basketball tickets. Although a career in pro sports only happens for a few players, the starting forward you watch today could be the NBA sensation of tomorrow.

Insiders say one of the best places to watch ACC basketball is University Hall at the University of Virginia, where the new Cavaliers squad gears up for the annual March ACC tournament. But in 2006-2007, you'll be able to buy even better NCAA basketball tickets for the John Paul Jones Arena. While we suggest purchasing UVA University Hall seats because of the unique viewing angles that allow you consistently good views of the action, get yourself on the early list for ACC basketball tickets at the John Paul Jones Arena.

While you're there watching the game, congratulate the ACC basketball players, because the ACC also honors academic all-stars. A NBA signing bonus is great, but as Coach Ken Carter would say, education is your most prized ticket anywhere.

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