Weather Insurance?

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Is weather insurance available with US Open golf tickets?

Weather Insurance?

Rain, rain, go away, we want to attend the US Open today! Will your US Open tickets include a rain check? Although the phrase "rain check" originates from baseball, golf games get rained out too. Some ticket brokers will sell you weather insurance, whether you're buying Masters golf tickets, US Open golf tickets, or regular PGA Tour golf tickets.

Insurance allows you to recoup your golf ticket loss in the event of rain. However, because all brokers have to answer to the demands of sellers, not all brokers feature weather insurance. Some brokers will attempt to refund at least part of the price you paid to be a VIP. Also, if Justin Leonard plays even one hole and then has to run for cover, the weather insurance is void, rather like you leaving your new XS2 laptop out on the deck before a rainstorm. You'll be out the entire price of your golf tickets. Let's hope you're not drenched. Rain, rain, go away...but in the meaning, investigate weather insurance for your US Open golf tickets.



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