Ticket Prices and Restrictions for Chicago Cubs Games

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What can I expect to pay and how many tickets am I limited to when I buy at Wrigley Field?

Ticket Prices and Restrictions for Chicago Cubs Games

If you want to get to Wrigley Field this year to see the Chicago Cubs play, baseball tickets for the Cubs can be found on the team's website. You will pay anywhere from $8 to $67, depending upon where the seat is located and who the Cubs are playing.

Baseball fans know that every year there is a mad rush to buy tickets for the season when they first go on sale. If you want to buy enough baseball tickets for the entire season when they first go on sale, beware you may be limited to how many you can purchase. For example, between Feb. 23 and Feb. 25, Chicago Cubs fans can only purchase six tickets per game and 42 tickets total from the Wrigley Field box office.



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