Baseball Season Ticket Refunds

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Can I get refunds for any baseball season tickets?

Baseball Season Ticket Refunds

It happens every time. You bought your season ticket baseball package, even placed a down payment at the box office for the Atlanta Braves or just paid in full for MLB baseball tickets through a broker. Now that you're cheering (or groaning) your way through mid season, you have to cancel or miss a game.

Most brokers don't offer refunds for sports tickets when you miss the event because of an act of God, er, your mother-in-law, or because you decided to use your college baseball ticket instead. Usually, however, brokers will try to offer partial refunds for your Major League Baseball ticket should that Red Sox game be called on account of rain. And no, you can't get a refund because the Kansas City Royals were 25-0 in the last game. It's baseball, and anything can happen.



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