Planning Your Events Calendar

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How do I plan my sporting events calendar?

Planning Your Events Calendar

Darn--you forgot to buy premium sporting events tickets. You also forgot your anniversary. Now you're in the penalty box, because the events tickets were for your anniversary. How do you remember to buy World Series tickets and Super Bowl tickets in time?

You have a Blackberry or a Day Runner. Take your ticket stubs from last year and staple them to this month's calendar page to remind you to buy February 2006 Super Bowl tickets, or to the calendar page for May 2006--leave yourself several months lead time when buying World Series tickets. For all other games, get the schedule online--you can even download that events calendar to your Blackberry. Set Blackberry and e-mail reminders.

Have your preferred ticket broker call you to remind you to buy tickets. He probably wants you in the penalty box too. Here's a heads-up: Take your wife to the MLB All-Star Game at OPNC Park. It's July 11, 2006, so mark your calendar now and buy those tickets. A dozen roses won't hurt either.



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