Cheap College Football Seats

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Are cheap college football seats good seats?

Cheap College Football Seats

Are cheap college football tickets necessarily bad? That's like saying that not paying $6 for a Heineken means you're niggardly. If you're not a member of an alumni association (hot tip: you can get health insurance too if you join), you're probably used to astronomical prices for football tickets. But some sports tickets can be good and inexpensive. Not necessarily NFL football tickets!

For example, at Pro Player Stadium, the upper level corners and end zones require a bit of mountaineering but allow you to spring for that Heineken, which you're not buying because you're trying to get health insurance. Insiders also like the lower level end zones and corners, especially when the Baylor University Bears have the ball. Remember, education is expensive, but ignorance will bankrupt you, so do your research before you assume all cheap seats are bad. And for heavens' sake, get your health insurance.



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