Blues Hockey Tickets for a Bargain

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Where can I find cheap NHL tickets?

Blues Hockey Tickets for a Bargain

Are you looking for cheap NHL tickets? Look no further than the St. Louis Blues. That's because the team has just announced it is cutting its prices for next season.

The majority of the seats in the Scottrade Center will be reduced next season by 8 percent. The owners of the team are trying to get back into the fans' good graces after recently raising prices and then finishing last in the league and also last in the league in attendance. So take advantage! Blues hockey tickets will now be as low as $7 in select areas of the mezzanine. To sit in the front row behind the glass, it will cost you about $120.

The owners are also throwing in free food and jerseys with certain seats. Ask about this when ordering your Blues hockey tickets to see if your seats apply.



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