Sold Out Tickets, Stand In Line

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Should I just show up at the box office if tickets are sold out?

Sold Out Tickets, Stand In Line

You want to see a sold-out Madonna concert just to see how the Material Girl has reinvented herself this time around. Unfortunately, it looks as if you'll have to seek the wisdom of Kabbalah to get your hands on sold out concert tickets. Or you could just stand in line with the other devotees and share Madonna memories. It's possible that your favorite Madonna moment will set your front and center with the Queen of Pop, but you would still have to wait in line.

Occasionally, someone will forget to pick up the tickets, and you just might get lucky enough to find concert tickets some kind stranger left for you. If you don't want to partake in scalping, your alternative is to buy concert tickets online through a reputable broker. You might pay a little more, but your seats might actually be decent, and then you might be able to express yourself with the one and only.



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